New Music Service from Twitter on the Way, Apparently Ryan Seacrest is an Advocate


One of the most useful features of any social network these days is the option to share what media you are watching or listening to. In fact, lots of people love to share their personal taste in music on Facebook or other social networks. Unfortunately, there simply is no way to share what songs you're listening to or movies you're watching on Twitter, but all of that is about to change.

Twitter is launching a new music application that will run side-by-side with the Twitter network. The service is already live and accessible via a specific Twitter based URL, but currently it's invite only.


While many of us have no clue what's in store, luckily Ryan Seacrest does, and he's felt the need to share via his own Twitter account. According to him, the new Twitter music service will help people recognize some of the hottest or trending artists. More importantly, it will also allow people to listen to music and watch videos from Vevo directly from the Twitter app.

All Things D is reporting that we may see the new service and the resulting application as early as this weekend. At this point, that's just speculation, however, and nothing has been confirmed.


Coachella a pretty popular music festival kicks off this weekend in California. It makes sense that Twitter would launch a music based application so close to a music-oriented event. Twitter also recently announced that they've acquired the We Are Hunted service, which helps provide music recommendations to users.

Basically, it just seems like everything is fitting together like one giant puzzle, and it makes sense that Twitter is ready to unveil the new service soon, if not over the next couple of days.

How many of you use Twitter as your main social network? I know we have a lot of Google+ users out there, but that's okay. How many of you are excited to share your music content through Twitter?


I'll be honest here, I genuinely don't care, and I use Twitter quite a bit these days.

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