New Android Code: 4.2.2 to AOSP – The Development Log; Getting Ready for Key Lime Pie?


Just past midday yesterday (17th April) Google posted a new set of open source code to the Internet, marked with two tags.

–       android-4.2.2_r.1


–       android-4.2.2_r.2

Under the second build they posted a release number being JDQ39E. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of the update, I'll just mention something before everyone gets excited.

This is not Key Lime Pie (KLP).


List of Commits, and Their Posting Date

Since Google is still running under the 4.x.x series code we are still firmly in the Jelly Bean state.



Right here we see that while this code was only made public yesterday, it was actually posted more than 4 weeks ago. Perhaps KLP is closer than we expect! (yay) So… let's see what's actually happened in this update.

What's New:

If we take a closer look at this list we can determine the device this update is aimed for, and what exactly they're planning on doing.



You can see at lines 12 and 15 that the device is referenced by the code 'lge/mako', this is the codename for LG's Nexus 4. So from what I can see (do comment if I'm missing something) this update will be almost specifically for the Nexus 4.

Lines 13 and 16 refer to slight alterations to the 'prebuilt kernel' and 'wifi'. These appear as reasonably minor additions, but we can confirm that in expanded version shown below.

Expanded Commit List (Small Section: Lines 39-73)


 Snapshotted a small section that seems relevant.

Without getting into too much boring technical speak; both of these mini updates alter how the Nexus 4 reacts to wifi when it has a loss of telecommunication services.

-Lines 45-57 outline the actual changes


-Lines 67-69 confirm that the prebuilt kernel will account for the alterations.

Apart from those minor changes to the Nexus 4 there isn't anything significant…So, fellow Android fanatics, STEAD FAST while Google hasn't released KLP yet, we can only hope it's just around the corner!

If you want to check out the source yourself click either (1) or (2). Enjoy!