Mysterious Samsung Device Turns Out to be Just an Early Prototype



Some images leaked recently that depicted a mysterious Samsung device which many suspected to be a prototype design of the Galaxy Note III. Of course, there were no particulars to go along with the image, so some pretty colorful rumors surfaced. We had absolutely no equivalent information on internal hardware except for what we already knew about the Galaxy Note III in general.

As it would turn out, the device in the image is a prototype but not for the model we originally thought. It's been identified as a Galaxy S4 early prototype. Apparently, Samsung was still playing with the design of the new flagship up until the official launch. An insider with the scoop on Samsung claims that the device in the image was just one of many developer prototypes that were discarded by Samsung before the big reveal.


It's possible that they may yet again adopt a similar design for future devices, but it looks like -at least for now- this prototype has been scrapped. That means we shouldn't expect to see the Galaxy Note III crop up with an unusual design either. It will probably look remarkably like its predecessor if the Galaxy S4 is any indication.

There are still some questions leftover though, and we're not the only ones asking. What is the notch on the top of the device? Was Samsung considering including a stylus with the Galaxy S4 too? Are they still going to use the design for a future device? What about the internal hardware?

It's likely that if this was truly a prototype, than Samsung used a varying design so that leaked photos like this couldn't be tied to the Galaxy S4. After all, it's a totally different style than what they chose for the commercial release. Who knows though, maybe they actually were considering redesigning their flagship to look like this?


What do you think of the design overall? Do you think it would be a good idea for Samsung to provide a stylus with the device like the Note series? Are you upset about the news that this is a discarded prototype? Relieved? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: SamMobile

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