MyGlass App Hits the Play Store; Companion App for the Glass You Don’t Have Yet

April 16, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

We were all wondering just how Google would tie their Glass to Android, it was a given that they were going to do so after all, Android is their own OS, they’ll be able to get the very best out of it. Now we know just how those lucky few who will be getting access to their own pair of Glass will be able to bring them together with their Android smartphone, through the “MyGlass” companion app. This being Google, they’ve left a pretty blunt description of the app in the Play Store:

MyGlass allows you to configure and manage your Glass device.
If you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. But if you swipe the screenshots to the right you’ll see there’s a picture of a puppy in pajamas. So not a total waste of time after all.

The app is to “configure” and “manage” your Glass device which we’d assume basically meant setting it up for everyday life on the side of your head. In the screenshots there’s what looks like a list of notification types you can turn on or off:



As well as this there’s a general about page of your Glass:



Glass will sync to your Google account from then on, which makes sense as well:



Of course, these are just screenshots from the Play Store – I can’t even install the app – but then again, I don’t have a pair of Glass so it stands to reason that I wouldn’t be able to install it. There’s not a lot we can draw from the screenshots in the Play Store, aside from the fact that the Card UI that hit the new Play Store redesign is here as well. Which would make a lot of sense, seeing as Glass uses cards as well.

We’re sure the app has some more advanced features that are only privy to Explorers but, for now we can only look at the screenshots and wonder. As Google said in their description of the app there’s a puppy involved, to see the puppy head over to the Play Store below.