More Rumors of Samsung's Galaxy Mega 6.3 Surface

Samsung was one of the first manufacturers of Android or other mobile device OS to explore with bigger screen dimensions. While many thought that the market's limit is around the 4-inch mark, Samsung has shown critiques time and time again that people want bigger screens. First, with the "phablet" Galaxy Note with a 5.3 inch display that was thought will never get off the ground. The next generation of Note devices came with a bigger display measuring 5.5 inches, and has seen even more attention than the Note 1.

Now, Samsung is making a new play, rumors have it. Up until now, the bigger screens of the market came attached to the high-end devices. A rumour that comes from the South Korean ETNews website backs up what we've reported earlier this month, and now coming with details on the Samsung 6.3 inch Mega. As you may know, the 6.3 inch Mega has a smaller brother (small in comparison with it, at least), the Mega 5.8 inch device.

As far as ETNews reports, the 6.3 inch Mega (dubbed project Mbius) will come with a dual-core Exynos chip and 8 MP rear-facing camera and 2 MP front-facing which make the device sound like it was tailored to be a huge screen for the mid-range market. So this could easily put the Mega in a very special spot, giving a chance for customers to get their hands on a big screen phone while still paying a moderate amount of cash for it.

Whether there actually are people interested in buying this big of a phone is something we'll just have to wait and see. Keep in mind that people said that the Note is way too big to catch on. But then again this phone has one entire inch more screen than the first Note.

As far as I'm concerned I probably will be among those who will point and giggle at somebody answering the Mega 6.3. I still raise an eyebrow when I see tourists taking holiday pictures with a tablet (never understood the idea to be honest). It will probably be light and thin but it surely won't be bendable, so as far as carrying it around, it will still be like having a plank in your pocket.

What's your take?

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