LG's Optimus G Successor to be Released In Q3 2013



Even as the we anticipate the Optimus G Pro hitting the United States LG is already preparing for the release of a new successor for the original Optimus G sometime in the third quarter of this year. The Optimus G was quite successful and it's near twin the Nexus 4 had incredible demand. LG hopes to continue its success with their new device for 2013.

The new phone should be slated for a simultaneous global release, or at least as close as anyone can get to that currently. Hopefully LG will learn from some of their supply failures of 2012. The Optimus G had relatively little delay, but the new nexus 4 was not quite so lucky. While I was lucky enough to get my nexus in the very first batch of shipping many others weren't quite so fortunate.


There is very little information about the next LG flagship's name, but we do know a little about its potential dimensions. LG has revealed that they will not be using the 5.5 inch screen size found in the Optimus G Pro in South Korea. Instead they will stick closer to the 5-inch mark.

Sadly that was all the information LG CEO Won Kim was willing to tease us with. He did promise that it would be, "something different and something unique." While I would have appreciated a little more information it is always exciting trying to figure out what the next flagship might look like. Maybe LG will go crazy and release their rumored flexible screened device as a flagship! As much as I would love to see this I doubt that LG's would risk putting such an undeveloped tech into a flagship device. More likely we will see this as some sort of niche (probably expensive) device not targeted at the masses.



Whatever LG decides to bring to the table I hope they are able to actually get it into consumers hands while it's still relevant. Are you excited for LG's next flagship? Or will you have already jumped on an S4 or a HTC One by fall? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Engadget]

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