LG Unveil the Optimus GK, Optimus G Pro at 5-inches


LG have had a fairly good year in their Smartphone division this year, with it being said that this division maybe and probably is carrying some of LG's other departments. A lot of this is probably due to their very popular Optimus range of devices. LG announced last night that theirs another device soon to be added to the line. The device has been dubbed the "Optimus GK".

Think the Optimus G Pro but in a smaller more manageable 5" device. The Optimus G Pro was another very popular device by LG so it may be a good move for them to use this device and mould other smartphones around it. They've essentially taken the best of the Optimus G Pro and put it into a smaller frame, with a smaller 5" IPS display.


However the reports from LG show that the device is only for South Korea right now, but don't get disheartened as its more than likely LG will be shipping this device world-wide. The Optimus G Pro was a great device and was received a great response when released, so it's probably safe to assume the same sort of response for the smaller cousin the GK. It's also safe to assume that the Optimus GK will be equally well designed and built

The GK has some great specs and should be one to watch:

  • Weight 156g
  • Color Platinum White (Platinum White) / Black Indigo (Indigo Black)
  • 3G HSPA + network 4G LTE
  • chipset, 1.7GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 600
  • display, 5-inch Full HD IPS display (1920×1080), Zerogap Touch
  • 13MP rear camera, 2.1MP front-facing camera
  • Battery 3,100 mAh / built-in
  • memory, 2GB DDR2 RAM / 16GB eMMC / microSD slot support (64GB)
  • Operating System Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0,
  • USB 2.0,
  • Wi-Fi, Wi- Currently pending the a Direct Fi (802.11 a / ​​b / g / n (5GHz))
  • NFC
  • SlimPort (HDMI monitor for display port)

The Optimus GK will also feature the very popular PhotoSphere as well as dual video recording which was first available on the Optimus G Pro and also available on the Samsung Galaxy S4.


If you're looking for the Optimus G Pro, but would like something a little easier to handle and manage, then the Optimus GK may be the perfect device for you. Hopefully further reports about the GK being available in others countries will come soon. Also LG might take this line further and release another Optimus device later in the year.

[Source: Engadget]