Leak: Training Material for the HTC One


We've just come across some training material for T-Mobile on the HTC One. It covers just about everything that's new in the HTC One, from the camera to Blinkfeed, to everything in between. So let's check out what this material has in store for us.

HTC One T-Mobile Training 2


With the Blinkfeed slides, it's showing us that there is a 'Highlight View' feature where you can tap on any item in the HTC Blinkfeed to see more. Now this works on text, pictures and video. It's also pretty easy to share it with just a few taps. We also see some of the content that will be available in Blinkfeed, which includes Engadget, Moviefone, Patch, Joystiq, AOL Music, Autoblog, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

HTC One T-Mobile Training 3

Then we jump into the camera. HTC is touting that the One has "a camera that's built to capture and shares more". Then it breaks down the HTC Zoe, Gallery, Sequence Shot, Object Removal, Ultrapixels and more. 


HTC One T-Mobile Training 4 HTC One T-Mobile Training 5

In the next set of slides, we see HTC touting the sound in the HTC One. Yes, we're talking about Boomsound. Along with Beats Audio, HDR Microphone and HTC Sense voice.  HTC One T-Mobile Training 6 HTC One T-Mobile Training 7

Next up is HTC Sense TV. You'll be able to take control of your TV with your phone. Don't forget the HTC One also has an IR Blaster so you can use it as a remote control for your TV. Similar to many of Samsung's tablets on the market.


 HTC One T-Mobile Training 8 HTC One T-Mobile Training 9

The last few slides go over the design of the device. With it's full metal body, zero gap construction, and that beautiful HD display. Of course, we already know all the specs, but these slides list them again. I guess HTC doesn't want us to forget about them. HTC One T-Mobile Training 10 HTC One T-Mobile Training 12 HTC One T-Mobile Training 13 

 HTC One T-Mobile Training 14


We've also got a couple videos down below that you can check out. Now after seeing all this new information about the HTC One, who's excited to go and pick theirs up later this month? Let us know in the comments down below.