iPhone Super-Hacker Comex is Off to Intern at Google; After being Shunned by Apple


It was hardly surprising when the news broke of the extraordinarily talented hacker known as Comex was turned away from Apple because he wasn't quick enough replying to their e-mails but, what is a little surprising is that he's heading to Google for an internship. If you're unfamiliar with Comex, he's the teenage hacker that managed to crack open the iPhone like a walnut and made headlines when millions of people downloaded his latest Jailbreaking tools for iOS. When it was revealed that he was on leave from Brown University, people were shocked to see that such an incredible hack could have come from someone so young.

Needless to say, Apple had Nicholas Allegra – his real name – come intern for them and well, it didn't end well. Apparently Apple offered him a position at the company but, because he wasn't quick enough in replying to them, Apple decided to change their mind. Typical, right? On Tuesday night, Nicholas tweeted that "In other news, I'm going to intern for Google in a few weeks,". Internships at Google are incredibly difficult to get into and it's good to see that the company still has a good eye for talent.


Don't get too excited though, as he won't be working on Android. Which is a platform he apparently ""like[d] enough to ever want to hack it." That's a pretty strange statement when you think about it, Android is a world of possibilities for even those that aren't especially talented, the great Comex could do wonders with Google's green OS. Having said that, everyone prefers different operating systems, which is just fine.

It'll be interesting to see just what he'll be working on, will it be Chrome OS? Perhaps even Google TV? It doesn't really matter what it is that he's doing, what matters is that he's been given another chance to prove himself and I hope that he learns a lot while interning at Google, it's a great opportunity and it should be a lot of fun. Let's just hope HR over at Google is a little more forgiving when it comes to e-mail, perhaps they could set him up with a GMail account?

[Source: Forbes]

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