HTC Release One Kernel Source For US, European and Asian Variants

April 30, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

If there’s something we love almost as much as a smartphone release, it’s the Kernel Source that comes after it. Sure, most of us have no idea what to do with it or what it really means but, we all know that the wonderful developers out there need this stuff to bring us the awesome work that they’ve been doing so for years. Kernel Sources are really all of the bits that HTC – or any other OEM – are legally obligated to release under the GPL, and it makes things a lot easier for devs to get things up and running on the devices in question, a lot of the time it’s essential.

Which is why it’s good to see that HTC have released kernel sources in a pretty timely manner (at least compared to their past track record). Sources for US Variants (Sprint and T-Mobile versions), Asian and European variants are all now available to download from the HTCDev website. You can get your hands on them here. Canadian and Developer Editions of the device saw a release of their sources earlier this month.

The One might well be the device that custom ROM fiends are looking for, the AT&T version is unlockable through HTCDev and you can also buy a developer edition of the device as well. Of course, unlocking the bootloader does come with risks but, for a lot of us it’s the only chance to experience the hardware as we truly want to. Sense 5 might have been put on a drastic diet but, AOSP is still King for a lot of people. Thanks to HTC, devs will be given the chance to cook up something special for us. Here’s hoping that the company will keep up such a speedy turnaround when more important updates come out, like say an update to Android 4.2.

Are you a new user of the One, do you plan to install a Custom ROM in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Android Police]