HTC One Variant Coming to China With DualSIM and MicroSD Card Slot

The HTC One is, without doubt, a great smartphone from the fledgling company, it's built out of premium materials, has specs to keep up with everything else out there and a stunning 4.7-inch 1080p display. All of that though, might mean nothing to you if you're looking for expandable storage in your next smartphone. While cloud storage has taken off in the last 3 - 5 years, it doesn't mean that local storage is dead, far from it. In countries where Google Music isn't present yet, or you want to save as much as that data allowance as you can, streaming your music might not be an option. As for high-resolution photos and videos, the more you take, the more of that storage you're using up. While the HTC One ships in Europe and the US with either 32GB or 64GB of storage, you could still find yourself wanting even more flexibility when it comes to storage.

Those of you that want MicroSD cards in their devices will be jealous to hear that a Chinese variant of the HTC One is headed to China Unicom with both DualSIM and MicroSD card support. The DualSIM aspect of the device has room for one WCDMA/GSM (data and voice) and another for GSM (voice only) but, what you're really interested in is the MicroSD card support, right?

Well, Engadget are reporting that the 802w variant for China has a removable back panel, that just so happens to the metal portion between the two plastic strips on the back of HTC One. This will be familiar to anyone with a Samsung device that relishes in expanding their storage, or swapping it out whenever they want. This does however, raise some questions about the HTC One's build, are all variants built like this but, then just glued up tight?

The debate as to whether Android smartphones should continue to feature expandable storage is a heated one and while I don't have any call for more than say 16 to 32GB of storage, what about you? Would you have liked to see HTC ship the One with this feature?

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