HTC One Gets its First Update to Improve on the UltraPixel Camera


It looks as if the acclaimed UltraPixel camera in the HTC One will be seeing various bug fixes and improvements as part of an over-the-air update to the European version of the handset. Also, the update will address bugs in and tweak the overall performance of the device.

The device will remain at 4.1 Jelly Bean with this update, which may come as a disappointment to those of you that were hoping for a jump to the big 4.2. What you will see in the 1.29.401.13 update are improvements to many camera functions that will help to improve the already outstanding UltraPixel shooter. These fixes include improved color reproduction and dynamic range in non-HDR photos, noise reduction in slow motion video capture, fixes to display correct ISO in EXIF information when ISO settings are manually changed by the user, as well as improved sound quality with the Zoe functionality. HTC also touts performance and bug fixes to the general functionality and performance of the handset to be included in this update.


The Zoe function on the HTC One has been proclaimed by many as one of the best features of the device, right up there with Boom Sound, and this should make it even better.

You can now purchase the HTC One from most major carriers in the United States, but these most likely will not include this update. We will keep you informed as for when to expect the update to come to your United States carrier branded HTC One. The European version of the handset has been available for a few more days than here in the U.S., and our esteemed editor from across the proverbial pond, Tom Dawson has "One" in hand and is working on the review as I speak err.. write. You can expect a full write-up on the improvements to the device after this update very soon.

This update should be rolling out to European HTC One handsets over the next week so all of you that have already got your lucky paws on this aluminum beauty can enjoy the improved functionality that it brings. If you are getting a bit antsy about the roll-out not being pushed out fast enough, you can always keep checking for updates by going into settings > about phone > software. Leave us a comment below if you have already received the update or as you receive it. Also, if you are having any other problems with the device's functionality that you think should be addressed by HTC, let us know that as well.


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