HTC One Developer Edition Available for Pre-Order Today; $649 for 64GB of Freedom


I'm just going to sat it, it is ridiculous that devices such as these even exist in today's wireless industry. Nevertheless, with carriers wanting to "protect" their customers, smartphones that ship with locked bootloaders are going to be around indefinitely. So, we suppose that HTC should be given a nod of approval for releasing such a device at all, let alone at a fairly respectable price. $649 will get you an unlocked HTC One from HTC with 64GB of storage and while that certainly isn't cheap compared to some unlocked devices – *cough* Nexus 4 *cough* – it's not too bad a price for a device off contract, and the 64GB that come with it should be a welcome addition.

For those that are curious this version of the HTC One comes with support for AT&T wholesale – including 4G – as well as the following for HSPA+: 850/1900/2100 MHz which leaves out the 1700MHz familiar to T-Mobile users, however markets that are using refarmed 1900 Mhz spectrum for HSPA+ such as those added last year, will benefit from HSPA+. Those looking to take the device to the UNCarrier might be happy to note that this model supports 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz bands of LTE. Which makes for a device that could work on T-Mobile's LTE network.


As usual, this is a device only for the US Market, as European HTC Ones can be unlocked using the HTCDev method. It's galling to think about it but, the US Wireless Industry is holding back another quality piece of hardware. Either that, or HTC need to grow a pair and tell the carriers their devices can and will be unlockable. At least HTC are putting this device out there though, it is a shame that it doesn't support T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, which for a lot of people is faster than Verizon's and AT&T's LTE networks. If the Developer Edition of the HTC One has you intrigued then you can pre-order here any time after 10am EDT.

If you're looking for a decent smartphone to run CyanogenMod or ParanoidAndroid, and don't want to spend the extra cash on the HTC One, then why not just buy the Nexus 4? It's cheaper and you'll get updates for a much longer period of time, although the most amount of storage you'll be getting is 16GB. It's up to you folks, this or a Nexus 4?

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