HTC M4 to be Encased in Metal-Alloy Chassis; Go On Sale During the Summer


While HTC might well be finally launching the HTC One in the US starting today, there's rumor of the upcoming "M4" from HTC launching this Summer. What's interesting about this is that while HTC continue to sell new models in Asia outside of the One, the M4 could well be a device headed for more a global release. Whether or not the device is going to be something more mid-range is unclear at this point but, considering how much they have riding on the One, you'd think that HTC would be content in letting that handset rule the roost of their line-up for a little while.

DigiTimes are reporting that the device will continue the trend of using more high-end materials in the manufacture of their devices. The M4 is apparently to be encased in a metal-alloy chassis of some kind and that HTC have already placed an order with Catcher Technology. With the component shortage that affected the HTC One's launch, the Taiwanese company will want to make sure they can deliver on this next device. HTC are apparently hoping to ship 700,000 units of the smartphone come June.


All of this could point to a later-summer launch but, what would be the point in HTC releasing another device when the HTC One will be more than enough to hold its own? It seems that HTC could be dangerously close to falling into the trap that 2011 and 2012 presented the company with; ship many devices but get very little in return.

The HTC First seems like a relatively popular device – not because of the Facebook addition, we're sure but, more to do with the fact that it's a quality device that sells for comparatively very little and comes with stock Android. It could be that the M4 is a slightly improved model of the First but, right now leaked images point to the device being closer to the old One Series look.

Should HTC focus on shipping more devices? Or should they stick behind the One?


[Source: DigiTimes]

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