HTC First is the Facebook Phone; Available April 12th Exclusively on AT&T for $99

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What is one thing we hate more than an “exclusive”? How about a Facebook phone? Today, at Facebook’s event they introduced Facebook Home as well as their new phone from HTC which is the HTC First. Is it just me, or is that going to confuse consumers? AT&T is already launching the HTC One on April 19th, and now the HTC First on April 12th.

HTC’s Peter Chou and AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega took stage at Facebook’s event today to announce the HTC First. It is supposedly going to be the world’s first home-optimized device. Now we are assuming that they are referring to Facebook Home, and not the home button. HTC’s Peter Chou did say this device would provide a “unique experience” for consumers, whatever that means. Although I do believe he said something similar about Sense.


No specs were announced, which probably means its a mid-range device, especially since it’ll be $99 on AT&T. Leaks from earlier have suggested a 4.3-inch display which would have a 720p resolution. It won’t be threatening the HTC One  at all. But the HTC First appears to be a device for teenagers and our parents who spend all their time on Facebook. It will also be available in four different colors including red, turquoise, white and black.


AT&T is starting pre-orders for the device today, but I don’t expect them to sell out before it becomes available on April 12th. There’s a nice video down below that will show you how notifications will work on the HTC First.


So how many of you would buy this phone? How many of you still use Facebook all the time? It can’t be to many of you, after all the entire Android Headlines team spends most of their time on Google+ anyways.


Source: AT&T