HTC Employee Apologizes for Thunderbolt, Hopes It Didn't Lose Trust of Users


When HTC and Verizon originally announced the Thunderbolt at the 2011 Consumer Electronics event, the device was expected to be a top-of-the-line flagship. Both Verizon and HTC marketed it like crazy and the launch day brought Apple-like excitement. It was the first Verizon device to pack LTE connectivity, featured insanely powerful specifications for that time period, and rocked the ever-so popular kickstand. Unfortunately  when the device launched, the excitement quickly turned into disappointment and negativity. The battery life on the Thunderbolt ended up being atrocious and the software was incredibly buggy. Verizon and HTC didn't help the device's case by neglecting it soon after launch and not providing updates for it. If one positive thing can be pulled from the Thunderbolt, it is that it looks like HTC listened to its users, at least according to one employee.

An HTC employee, going by the Erick_HTC username, believed to be Erick Nielsen, has been browsing reddit lately, answering users questions and providing support. One user took to the site to complain about the HTC Thunderbolt and everything that went wrong with it.



Nielsen responded to the comment with nothing but apologies. He said that he is "sorry about the Thunderbolt in general," but did note that it was a very "difficult project."

"Sorry to hear about the experience," he said. "Sorry about the Thunderbolt in general. It was a difficult project. I wish we didn't destroy your trust in us, but I understand why you do feel that way."Nielsen went on to plead users to stick around and wait for HTC. He promised devices that are "much better" and that the manufacturer will do everything possible to win users back.


"All I can say is stick around and see how we do, cause we are doing MUCH better, and make another decision in a year or so," he pleaded. "Follow these threads and see if we are doing better. We will try to win you back if it is at all possible."

HTC shot itself in the foot with the Thunderbolt. In a way, it's similar to what happened with Motorola and the DROID Bionic. The manufacturer hyped the device so much, perhaps getting users hopes a bit too high, and then when the device didn't perform as expected, it essentially abandoned it.

Did HTC lose your trust with the Thunderbolt? Does the One convince you that the company has changed? Let us know down in the comments!


Source: Reddit

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