HTC Can't Win for Losing; Nokia Files Lawsuit Against the HTC One

HTC One black master e1362998340237

It appears that HTC just can’t get ahead with the HTC One. After delaying the device due to constraints on parts. HTC Is now being slapped with a lawsuit by Nokia. A court in the Netherlands awarded Nokia a preliminary injunction on the handset over the microphone. Seems like the smallest of things can cause a lawsuit these days. Nokia is going after HTC in regards to the set of high amplitude microphones in the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest flagship device.

According to Nokia, the HTC One uses the exact same microphone as the entire range of Lumia devices that Nokia has. That right there was enough for a judge to issue the preliminary injunction. Of course, HTC didn’t license the special microphone, which was their mistake in all of this. Nokia went ahead and even tore down both devices to provide images and serial numbers/model numbers to the court to prove that HTC did indeed use the same microphone. Which is a bit overboard right? You can see that image down below.



Here’s where things get tricky. The same manufacturer makes the microphone for both HTC and Nokia. But this specific model was made for Nokia only. So we’re not sure if this was  a mix up by the manufacturer or not. If it was, I certainly hope they’ll own up to it and fix it on HTC’s behalf. This is yet another issue that is going to keep HTC in the hole. The HTC One is supposed to be the savior for the manufacturer in 2013, but if the device is banned from the Netherlands, that makes it just a bit harder.

So it seems that HTC just can’t catch a break these days. We’re hoping this will get cleared up for HTC quickly, since it looks like it’s the microphones’ manufacturer that mixed things up.