Have Google Been Dragging Their Feet With Nexus Accessories?


When the Nexus 10 book covers finally went on sale recently, we were all thinking "Wow, what took you so long Google?" The search giant has been selling devices and the occasional accessory for some time now but, distribution has never really been one of Google's strong points. The Nexus 7 didn't suffer too bad a launch but, those of you that remember the Nexus 4 launch will perhaps have memories of mashing F5 repeatedly to even get the site to load.

Google have sorted these issues out – for the most part – but, what of the accessories that either leaked out or were promised by Google at launch? Well, the Nexus 7's Official dock took a very long time to finally arrive and when it did, it was best found outside of the Play Store. The same happened with the Nexus 4, there was a wireless charger…and then there was the wait for it. Now, we're not here to criticize Google or anything but, if there's one thing that Apple, Amazon et al are all good at doing, it's providing decent accessories for their devices, be they third-party or official.



Android Police discovered something pretty interesting about the Nexus 10 book cover, there was a date on the box that alluded to a December 17th manufacture date, a reader also had a date close to it, of November 26th. Surely, this means that the book covers had actually been ready to ship for months before they finally went on sale? It certainly looks that way but, we don't have all the facts.

One thing's for certain though, Google are getting better and better at marketing products directly to consumers, be they Nexus tablets, smartphones or Chromebooks, Google are now a company you can buy products from. However, there are no accessories for these devices and regardless of how important a case or dock is to you, there's no denying the iDevices are popular because they work with a whole range of accessories. It looks like Google are still struggling to stay on top of their distribution, which means these waits might be more common place going forward.


[Source: Android Police]

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