Got-It Hits The Play Store Planning to Take on Google Note

With Google Keep just a few weeks out of the gate, there has been a lot of discussion around note taking apps recently. Until recently most would agree that Evernote was one of the premier apps for jotting something down to save for later. But Evernote had that massive breach of security and Google Keep has made many of us re-evaluate exactly what we want from this type of app.

Of course, as with most choices like this, it really does depend on what your needs are. If you are regularly looking to keep reminders in the form of pictures that are attached to text or even sound and you want to be able to access all of your data from anywhere, Evernote is probably still the way to go. Evernote just seems to do everything, and for some people it is a godsend.

But for many of us, Evernote is a bit heavy. Although the interface is great, all those options can make just tapping out a quick note to your future self a bit tedious. Then came Google Keep with it's snappy interface, Holo design and cross platform syncing. Personally I have found myself using Google Keep on a regular basis. It is just fantastic for making grocery lists and writing down confirmation numbers and the like. Evernote was overkill for me, and since taking notes isn't a huge endeavor for me, Keep seemed like an obvious choice.

But this article isn't about Evernote, or Google Keep. Today Got-It hit the Play Store, and it is a serious contender against any note taking app out there. Got-It is, quite simply, well designed and easy to use. Got-It seems more inclined towards scheduling and reminders as opposed to simply storing text or audio like Google Keep or holding on to anything you can imagine like Evernote. The interface is easy to learn and quite snappy.

Creating a note and adding a reminder or due date is simple. One obvious advantage I noticed was that Got-It has the ability to share notes unlike Google Keep. Today Keep was updated to include a widget, and Got-It won't let you down in that area either. The widget makes it easy to define what you want to show up on your home-screen and it seems to work fine as a lock-screen widget as well, for those of us running Android 4.2.

If you aren't already married to a note taking app, you should certainly consider Got-It. Hit the link below to try it out for yourself.

Source: XDA

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