Google's Q1 2013 Earnings; Revenue up 31% Year-Over-Year; $50 Billion in Cash on Hand


This afternoon, Google announced their Q1 2013 earnings. While most of it looks good, there is always the bad part – or shall we say Motorola? The numbers are looking good, speaking of numbers, here they are:

  • Consolidated Revenue nearly $14 billion; That's a 31% increase over Q1 2012 consolidated revenue
  • Their GAAP operating income was $3.48 billion
  • Motorola brought in $1.02 billion in revenue
  • Finally, Google has around $50 billion in cash on hand (they can send some of that over here)

Here are some more highlights from Google's earnings report:

  • Paid clicks for network members rose about 20% from the year-earlier quarter and increased about 3% from Q4 2012. 
  • Average cost-per-click fell approximately 4% from the first quarter of 2012 and was down 4% from the fourth quarter of 2012
  • Traffic acquisition costs rose to about $2.96 billion in the first quarter of hte year, in comparison it fell about 4% from Q4 2012


Now for the Sales breakdown for Google's Q1:

  • Google Sites revenue: $8.64 billion or 67% of Google revenues, which is an 18% increase over Q1 2012 which brought in $7.31 billion
  • Google Network revenues: $3.26 billion, or 25% of total Google revenues, 12% increase from Q1 2012 which brought in $2.91 billion
  • Other Revenues: $1.05 billion, or 8% of Google revenues, which is a whooping 150% increase over Q1 2012, which brought in just $420 million
  • International: $7.1 billion, representing about 55% of total Google revenues in Q1 2013, compared to 54% in Q1 2012

Well I'm no analyst, but to me it looks like Google had a great quarter. More importantly, it's looking like Motorola is actually starting to bring in some money. But we'll be talking all about Motorola figures in a little bit. Google's conference call is still going so we're libel to hear plenty more from Google's top Googlers like Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, along with some of Motorola's people. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted on the matter.


Source: Google