Google Voice Gets Another Competitor in SendHub


The race for any type of market share in the enterprise market has been heating up over the past few months. Samsung and Microsoft have been especially aggressive. SendHub is not exclusively for enterprise customers, but since the company launched the device on the App Store last year they have turned their attention towards the business community. SendHub can be thought of as a more full featured version of Google Voice. As a Google Voice user I can certainly attest to the lack of attention Voice has gotten from Google over the past two years. SendHub on the other hand is powerful enough to give any start-up or small business everything they need to stay in touch.

✔ Free Business Phone Line in any Area Code
✔ Free Texting & Calling right from the App
✔ Call Transfer, Call Forwarding & Shared Groups
✔ Voicemail Transcription & Group Texting
✔ Works on the Web too!

✔ Free Business Phone Number – keep your personal number private
✔ Add, delete and manage phone lines from the web
✔ Call Transfer, Call Forwarding & Shared Groups
✔ Group Texting for your team + customers

gethub sssgethub screenshot 3


That list gives you a solid overview of what SendHub offers users. The ability to text groups all at once as well as group chat with multiple people is an especially important feature for small business owners. SendHub can even notify customers of specials or events via text messages. SendHub has a sharp interface and also has more features like conference calling and collaboration abilities. SendHub is wading into some pretty deep waters right now as they look to take on telecom giants like AT&T. Certainly releasing the app on Android is a big step in the right direction.