Google Releases Getting Started Video for Glass, Reveals Basics of the Platform

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Google’s Project Glass is still quite some time away from a widescale consumer launch. Right now, only early adopters, developers and several lucky individuals actually own a pair of the infamous augmented reality glasses.

That hasn’t stopped Google from getting the public ready for them however. They just released a “Getting Started” video on YouTube that quickly talks about some of the basic features of Glass. Clearly, they want consumers to be fully aware of the device before it hits shelves, but not just aware of it, familiar with it.

The video describes how to set up the Google Glass lens for the first time, how to use the side touchpad for scrolling and navigation, and how to share content with friends. Clear and concise instructions are offered for each task, which is always important.

It’s refreshing to actually see the device being used for once, as we often hear tons about it but don’t really get to see how it works. I know what Glass can do, and I know how much it costs, I want to see what it can do.

So, what can Glass do? This video may not answer that question completely but at least it gives us a glimpse of the platform in working order. I would argue that more content like this is actually what’s going to get people interested in the platform. That’s good too, because it seems like Google will be releasing more of these videos over time.

It’s particularly interesting to see how the touchpad works in the grand scheme of things. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure how navigation was going to work on the platform, but after watching the video I definitely have a much better understanding.

Before I drone on some more, why don’t you take a moment to watch the video for yourself.


Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think? Does this simple tutorial video change your perceptions of the platform at all? Does it make you want to try Glass?

I’m curious if anyone that actually owns Glass would have found it useful if these videos were available at a much earlier time?