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For some time now, Google Now has steadily been progressing, from update to update and it doesn't look like there's much slowing it down, either. Google Now was announced alongside Android 4.1 last year and ever since then it's undergone a number of updates that has improved the overall speed and usability of the search giant's mobile search tool. There's another update live in the Play Store for the "Google Search" app which we of course know brings Google Now with it. I'm sad to say that this time around, there's not a huge laundry list of a changelog, in fact it's pretty pedestrian this time around, here it is:

2013-04-04 14.45.09



It states that there is now "real time package tracking from select carriers", it's not naming any names though so, we've only got speculation to bet that Verizon won't be one of those carriers, right? Let us know if you've seen this behavior while using Google Now. Another interesting feature is that cards now have the ability to present quick and easy feedback. This is done by hitting the small "i" encircled to the top right of a card, it's really nothing too special as you'll see below but, for things that aren't my boring English weather, perhaps there's more to report:

2013-04-04 15.06.54

There's an apparent speed boost as well but, I can't say I've noticed much of a boost from the last version of the app. Regardless, it's great to see Google continuing support for the app on Android. With Now apparently heading to Chrome very soon – it just entered the Canary builds – Google Now could become synonymous with Google as a whole very soon. With so few features this time around, does this mean that more are coming next time? Will the next update be a big one for Google Now? Who knows but, the next big step for Now is probably going to come out of this year's I/O conference in May.


Have you noticed Now performing a little snappier with this latest update?

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