Google Keep Gets Big Update With Improved Lockscreen Widgets


I don't know about you guys but Google Keep is quickly becoming my favorite note taking application. It was released less than a month ago and unlike some Google services, we're all looking at you Google reader, it's already receiving a large update.

First off you can now take notes from the lock screen. Something I'm sure could result in all sorts of hilarity when one of your buddies gets his grubby hands on your phone. Despite that it will be extremely convenient to jot down a quick reminder in a hurry. In addition the standard widget also supports this feature.


While Google Keep has always had lists it now lets you create lists straight from the lockscreen which is handy because, I never come back from the store with everything I needed to get when I went in. The checkboxing feature will ensure that no head of lettuce will ever escape me.

Like almost everything Google releases I find myself falling in love with this service. It is much more convenient for me than Evernote, particularly for light note taking.   Thinking about all the information Google must have stored about me in its servers somewhere surely makes me nervous. I can live with a few disturbingly well targeted ads (How'd they find out about that??) in exchange for some amazing services like Keep. How do you guys feel about Keep? For that matter how do you feel about Google knowing about almost everything you are doing… right now! Let me know in the comments.

The Changelog is below, you may notice that Google, for whatever reason kept some old features in the changelog.


– Create notes, lists, and audio notes
– Add photos to any note
– Hide and show checkboxes to turn notes into check-able lists
– View and create notes from homescreen and lockscreen widgets (lockscreen widgets require Android 4.2+)
– Selectable color for notes
– Safely sync notes to Google Drive and other devices
– Notes can also be used from