Google I/O Preview: Could We See a Google/Motorola Phone Debut?


Continuing with our Google I/O Preview, this year we are breaking down each and every thing we may see at I/O in May. Yesterday, we talked about Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie. So what device are we going to see Key Lime Pie launch on? It's kinda hard to believe that Google will launch a new version of Android without a new device. Although we are expecting to see the next generation Nexus 7 at Google I/O, what about the X Phone?

The X Phone has been in the rumor mill since late last year. We first learned that Google and Motorola were working on a device together that would run stock Android, but it would not be a Nexus. So in my eyes that tells me it'll be an AOSP device, like the Motorola Xoom was. Which means it'll still be one of the first devices to get the update when new versions of Android come out. Right behind the Nexus family.


X Phone Specs


As far as specs go we've seen a bit of everything. But the latest specs include a Snapdragon 800 processor, 4.7-inch 1280×768 resolution display along with a 4,000mAh battery. Now that sounds like a Nexus Maxx to me, which is what I've been waiting on. The interesting thing here is that the Snapdragon 800 won't be available until late Q3. So if Google is going to show off the X Phone at Google I/O and then release it this summer, it probably won't have the Snapdragon 800. I'd be happy with the Snapdragon 600 though. From what I've seen it's benchmarks are pretty good as well.

Release Date



Rumors last week told us that the X Phone is still on track for Google I/O which is May 15-17th. So if we see it shown off during I/O, we should have it available sometime in June. Possibly July at the latest. Which would make for a good summer around here. Of course this is all rumors and speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet. So be sure to take this all with a grain of salt.

Other Important Rumors


  • The X Phone is "supposedly" going to be customizable: While this rumor was sorta debunked this week, it can still happen. This week we saw new rumors saying that it's mostly software that will be customizable, along with the design and internal storage.
  • Specs will be comparable to the Galaxy S4 and HTC One: Google has seemed to make it very apparent that this will not be a killer for the Galaxy S4, or HTC One and have also tried to bring our hopes down. But I'd still expect something pretty good coming from their purchase of Motorola this year.
  • Logo on the back will be touch sensitive: Now this is a weird rumor. I'm not to sure about it. It would be awesome to have a circle on the back that was touch sensitive and could be use to launch, say the camera? Or even use it to take pictures? That would be cool.

Final Thoughts

As most of you know, part of our job here at Android Headlines is to hypebeast rumored and upcoming Android devices. But the fun part is being able to use all this new stuff. Now since the X Phone was first rumored last year, I've been very excited to see it when it finally is available. There are two things I've been wanting. One is an HTC Nexus, and the other is a Nexus Maxx from Motorola. And the X Phone sounds like a Nexus Maxx to me, but without the Nexus name. Now that Android is much better looking than it was before Android 4.0, all I want is a stock Android device. And if Motorola can deliver one with a huge battery, I'll buy one on the spot!


So do I think we'll see it at Google I/O? Possible. Like I said these are all rumors and leaks, so they could be true, they might not be. But we'll be at Google I/O this year and we'll get all the details for you. Make sure you stick to Android Headlines for full coverage of Google I/O starting May 15th.