Google I/O 2013 Preview: Could the Nexus Q Make a Comeback as Part of [email protected]?


Google I/O is about 6 weeks away, and it's time to get excited. We know we are going to see a bunch of new toys, on both the hardware and software sides. We've already talked about Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie, the X Phone and the new Nexus 7. Now we are moving our focus onto [email protected], which was originally¬†announced¬†at Google I/O in 2011. Then in 2012, Google announced the Nexus Q at Google I/O. Which didn't do so well, in fact it was available for pre-order longer than it was on sale. Hint, it never went on sale. Now many people are thinking that the Nexus Q will make a comeback this year and be tied in somehow with [email protected]

When Google announced [email protected] nearly 2 years ago, they felt that every appliance in your house should be a potential accessory for your phone. Could you imagine being able to turn on the washer using your phone? Or using your tablet to make some popcorn? The Google team did tease some things like being able to turn on/off lights in your home based on calendar events. So for instance, say at midnight you turn out all the lights in your house, and it's all based on your calendar. How cool would that be? Since Google I/O 2011, [email protected] has kinda taken a back seat to all the other services and devices Google has shown off and put on sale recently.


So how would the Nexus Q fit into all of this? Well the Nexus Q was unveiled as part of [email protected], whether or not Google said anything about it in their keynote last year. But the Nexus Q didn't turn out to well. What I'm hoping for the Nexus Q is that it will go back on sale this summer, with a huge makeover – at least on the software side. If the Nexus Q doesn't return as part of [email protected], it could be part of Google TV. Which is what I thought it would do anyways.

We haven't heard much about [email protected] lately, until Android 4.2.2 was released in February. The configuration files for Android 4.2.2 mentions mesh networks and [email protected] So it's fairly likely that we'll see [email protected] next month at Google I/O. Since it's been about 2 years since [email protected] was announced, I'd expect to see some great things for their home-automation framework, and also parts of it embedded into Android 5.0.

If [email protected] doesn't make a comeback at Google I/O this year, we'll probably see it on Google's spring cleaning list soon next to Google Reader.


How many of you would love to be able to control your appliances with your phone? You can already control your TV's with your phone or tablet. So [email protected] should be the next big thing – no pun intended. Let us know your thoughts about [email protected] in the comments down below.

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