Google Glass CPU and RAM Specs Revealed by Resourceful Hackers

We've learned a lot about Google Glass over the past few months. In the time leading up to the release of the initial units, more and more information has been leaked. Now, thanks to some skilled hackers we have a more complete list of hardware specs for the device. Until now, two key components were unknown: the CPU and RAM.

Jay Lee, with some help from Liam McLoughlin (Hexxeh), was able to connect Glass via USB for debugging, and subsequently used ADB to extract the related specs. Here's what we know thanks to the resourceful duo:

  • Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich
  • OMAP 4430 CPU - Dual Core
  • 682mb of RAM

You can check out Jay's Google+ page for more information concerning the Glass specs and how he went about extracting the information. It's quite interesting, especially for someone who's an uber geek like me.

Lee says he had a hard time discerning the CPU frequency, and that the RAM may indeed be a little higher. The RAM may in fact be 1GB, with a little skimmed off the top for system resources.

Unfortunately, this is all we have to go on for now, at least until Google releases the official specs in full.

In comparison, Glass uses the same type of processor (OMAP 4430 dual-core) as the original Galaxy Nexus. You may remember that it was also used in the original Kindle Fire. It's definitely strange to see a Texas Instruments chipset in such a modern device. TI actually gave up producing smartphone chipsets due to a very low demand. A lot of manufacturers turned to Qualcomm and similar developers instead of TI.

In fact, I'm quite surprised the specs aren't higher. Then again, Glass is certainly packed with enough hardware to offer a decent experience. I doubt you'll be playing hardware intensive games on it anytime soon. Maybe with the next iteration we'll see more powerful hardware?

What do you think of these specs? Are they more or less than you expected? Do you think the older hardware will negatively affect the Glass platform?

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