Google Drive to Receive More Attractive UI Updates Over the Coming Weeks


Google Drive is a fantastic cloud storage service. You can upload, share and edit files all via the same platform. Furthermore, you can do it from a web browser, or directly on an Android device.

However, the user interface of the entire experience, including the mobile app, leaves a little something to be desired. Quite simply put, there are much more visually appealing services out there. Drive has been due for some visual enhancements for a while now. Luckily, such updates to the service are coming and will be rolling out for everyone over the next few weeks.


Google will be rolling out some new UI tweaks to users that don't actually change how Drive works, but they certainly change the aesthetics.

When you view shared folders through Google Drive, you'll be presented with a more attractive layout. Instead of seeing just a list of files in your Drive account, you can actually see the files laid out neatly via a new interface. In addition, there's a brand new preview function that allows you to browse through stored files quickly. When using the preview function, you can flip between content using simple thumbnails.

In the past, if you wanted to add a shared file to your own Google Storage account you would have to click and drag the file, or save it and reupload it yourself. Now there's a convenient "Add to Drive" button that appears in the upper right hand corner while you're viewing a document. Once you click the button, the file is then added into your Drive for "fast access across all devices".


Needless to say, Google Drive has been improved for the better.

The announcement for the new features came directly from the Google Drive Google+ page (phew, try saying that three times fast).

I'm pretty happy about the new add button because I've always hated trying to locate shared files on my Android smartphone. Now it's as easy as adding the file to your personal drive and wallah!


Is there anyone else out there that's just as excited? Go ahead and give us a piece of your mind in the comments below!

Via: Google+

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