Gearzap Announces Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories


For those of you waiting on a Galaxy Note 8.0, you'll still have to wait a bit. We still don't have a release date, but we do have some new accessories. Thanks to our friends over at Gearzap for sending us this information. They've just announced 5 new accessories.

Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover



Gearzap is the first to announce Galaxy Note 8.0 accessories. The book cover is pretty similar to others we've seen for other Galaxy tablets. It offers protection from scratches and other forms of damage. It also offers a front cover that flips backwards to give two different types of viewing angles. One angle is suited more for typing and browsing while the other is more suited for watching Netflix or doing video calls like Hangouts on Google+

Galaxy Note 8.0 Pouch Stand

image (1)

This was announced back at Mobile World Congress when the Galaxy Note 8.0 was announced. But Gearzap will be offering it very soon. Since many people may not like having a case on their device permanently, this is the perfect case for them. You can keep it protected while not in use, then when in use it'll be naked and it can stand up in two different positions like the Book Cover above can.


Galaxy Note 8.0 Vehicle Dock

image (3)

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is a great device for GPS, especially given how big that screen is. So this vehicle dock is a must. It can affix to your dashboard very easy. You can mount the Galaxy Note 8.0 in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Galaxy Note 8.0 S Pen

image (2)


One of the big features that everyone loves about the Note lineup is the S Pen. Well you'll soon be able to buy it from Gearzap. Since the Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with the S Pen, I'd assume this is in case you need a replacement.

Galaxy Note 8.0 Screen Protector

image (4)

You've gotta protect that screen, right? Well might as well grab a screen protector for your Galaxy Note 8.0 as well. Gearzap's screen protector will provide scratch resistance to your Note 8.0's screen which is no doubt the most important part of your screen.


So there we go, some nice accessories for your shiny new Galaxy Note 8.0. Whenever it becomes available in your market, that is. You can check out more Galaxy Note 8.0 cases and screen protectors on Gearzap's website as well.

How many of you are looking to pick up the Galaxy Note 8.0?