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This week on the spotlight I would like to feature Epoch by Uppercut Games. Epoch is a tactical cover third person shooter set in a futuristic world where only robots have survived. You're right in the middle of a never ending war and it's up to you to fight your way through countless opposing forces.

Epoch features fantastic graphics and will rival any other third person shooter out there on the play store. High quality visuals are just the beginning though. Not only do you get to stare at a beautifully developed and visually striking plethora of action and excitement, but there's plenty to keep you engaged past looks.

Intuitive swipe and gesture controls allow you to make split-second decisions and tactical moves that are key to your survival and help you outlast your enemies. You can utilize different actions like selecting and aiming at targets, and dodging incoming fire. You can take cover to protect yourself from enemy attacks; you can even utilize special abilities and launch counter measures to devastate the onslaught.

Epoch has a compelling single player campaign to contend with, so if you're in the mood for a game that will immerse you into the story and keep you entertained throughout the entire game, this is it. You will fight in multiple locations across the city, which is ravaged by war. During the campaign you will come across pieces of information called fragments of the past that will unfold parts of the story line, told through the words of a varied cast of characters. Each character will have their own unique outlook on the cataclysmic events that took place and eventually led to the world being torn asunder and destroying civilization.

Epoch also features an ever escalating Arena mode where you can battle it out against waves of enemy robots. Clear masses of foes and salvage their downed bodies for parts to upgrade and equip yourself with new armor, weapons, boosters and more. Some of these salvaged parts and other items used for upgrades are found throughout the campaign mode as well. There is a shop of sorts that will allow you to sell existing pieces of your armor and weapons to buy new ones. As you may have guessed, you can gather all of the items needed during play, or you can take the fast route and buy the money needed to upgrade using Epoch's IAP. This is really nothing new to gaming in the android world as many other games have implemented the option.

The controls are top notch and easy to learn. As swipe controls becomes more commonplace in mobile gaming, you'll find games like Epoch break away from the pack and do it right. Pair this idea of gesture movement and actions, with the eye candy powered by Unreal Engine and a great story line and you have an overall powerhouse of a game. If you haven't tried Epoch while it was on iOS  nor have given it a shot at its new found home on Android, it's high time you check it out. Definitely deserving of all the commendations it has received since its initial launch. 

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