Galaxy S4 Gets Torn Apart, Easier to Repair than the HTC One


As usual with new phones or devices in general, iFixit goes ahead and tears down the device and determines how easy or hard it is to fix the device. Not to long ago they tore down (well tried to at least) the HTC One. iFixit rated it a 1/10 for repairability. That means it's basically non-repairable. We all try to keep our phones in one piece and keep them looking good, but let's face it accidents happen, and when they do, we need to get our phone fixed. Which is where iFixit comes in. These guys live and breath taking apart phones, just for the fun of it basically.

Here's some of the highlights from their report:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Reparability Score: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair); Huge jump compared to the HTC One
  • The battery can be replaced in seconds, without any tools. (of course this we already knew)
  • Very easy to open and access internal components.
  • There are only 11 screws in the entire device, all standard Phillips #0 (no proprietary or security sizes).
  • Most of the smaller components are modular and can be replaced individually, but several of them are adhered in place, increasing replacement difficulty.
  • The glass is fused to both the display and the display frame, increasing repair costs.
  • You'll have to go through the entire phone in order to replace the front panel, since everything is built into the back of it. Making it the hardest part to repair.

So it looks like you should be able to fix just about everything in the Galaxy S4 if you should ever need too. But the glass appears to be the hardest to replace. Which is also the part most likely to break. Usually when you drop your phone, the glass is the first thing to break or the part that suffers the most damage.


It's still great to see that the Galaxy S4 is much easier to fix compared to the HTC One. Although the HTC One appears to be stronger, at least in the drop tests I've seen. Is this the deciding factor in you purchasing the Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: iFixit