Feedly Getting Update to v14; Celebrating 3 Million New Users, Thanks to Google Reader


Today, Feedly is pushing out an update to their mobile apps. The new update is centered around search and discovery, productive reading and better sharing. Feedly has been getting quite a bit of coverage since Google announced it would be killing off Google Reader as of July 1st. Feedly introduced a way to seamlessly switch from Google Reader to Feedly. At Android Headlines, we all used Google Reader pretty heavy. We’ve all switched over to Feedly, while I don’t like it as much as I did Google Reader, at least it works.

Today, Feedly also announced that they have welcomed over 3 million new users since the retirement of Google Reader was announced about 2 weeks ago. Now onto the good stuff, the new stuff.


The All-new search and discovery engine is part of version 14 of Feedly. It brings a brand new way to search and discover feeds. Their feed search engine is already amazingly fast and brings over 50 million feeds to your fingertips. So far, no other reader or RSS app/service comes close to this. The smart topic completion feature enables an intuitive search and discovery experience. Feedly states that the more you use Feedly to search, categorize and follow your favorite feeds, the better their search and discovery will become.


Next up is the productive reading. You never want to miss an update, especially from Android Headlines. Feedly has added a new feature called “Must Reads”. These new posts from the feeds that you promote as “must read” will pop up at the top of your feed selection panel and in the “Today” section. They’ve also added a nice pull to refresh gesture (watch out Twiter has patented that now) to the feed selection panel so you can always have the latest content available. In this new update there’s also a new title only view to make scanning headlines even easier.


Feedly has also added fast and easy sharing. They’ve completely redesigned the panel that you use to share and save articles for reading later. They’ve added support for Google+ (about time), and settings that let you select which saving and sharing option should have a shortcut on the main toolbar.

If you’re looking for some other features to be integrated into Feedly, you can always check out their UserVoice Support Forum and leave feedback as well as putting out ideas for new features or changes. As most companies, Feedly loves to hear feedback, so send it their way.

How many of you use Feedly for reading your RSS feeds now? Let us know in the comments below.