Featured: Top Ten Best Android Games - April 2013

10. Earn To Die

If you're "dying" (no pun intended here.. really) for a side scroller fix, Earn To Die may be just what the doctor ordered. This mash-up of driving, Zombie, and upgrade genres takes the best of all three and kicks things into overdrive. Loads of vehicles, massively large hordes of undead and plenty of cash to be had so you can upgrade your ride with new equipment are what await you in this new and feverishly popular game. It's got story mode, you can challenge your friends, and best of all you get to mowe down zombies to your heart's content. What's not to like?


9. Maunganu

The list of endless runner games is.... Well, just that. Endless. So how do you narrow down which ones to try out? Easy. Start with Manuganu. 3D graphics, and a cool main character provide you with a perfect start. Oh, the features and gameplay have something to with the fun too I suppose. A perfect blending of runners and platform games with awesome gesture controls and the innovative "halt" feature will no doubt keep your fingers running across the screen during play. There are 30 levels each with their own unique design, and the possibility to achieve three stars to up the challenge ante, which is just enough of a challenge to keep you playing.

8. PUK

PUK is a puzzler of course, but not just any puzzler. The minimalist design and graphics keep your mind off of the eye candy so there's no distractions, which helps you keep your mind focused on the games all-star gameplay. If you love puzzlers, PUK is worth a try. Its fast paced, so you have to think on the fly which keeps things at the peak of challenging. If that wasn't enough, PUK has 1,000 unique levels to complete so you won't be breezing through it in a Sunday afternoon. The game requires a steady hand and quick reflexes, and sharp mind. All things which you can pretty much obtain through practice, just don't take the game lightly. It's not as easy as you'd think.


7. Tactical Assassin

Let's be honest, assassins are just cool. You know you were thinking it. There's just something about hiding in the shadows or lurking from somewhere above with a sight line that even a blind man could snipe from. Got your attention now? Good cause the next game on our list is Tactical Assassin. Sniping is the game and you'll be doing a lot of it. You may have already even played some of the series on the web as this is part of the popular web games from Simon Hason. Tactical Assassin has 18 action packed missions that would make Chuck Norris cry. When you're all finished with the regular missions in game you can fill up more of your time with the mini games. What more could you ask for?


6. The Croods

Everyone loves Angry Birds, and most anything that comes out of Rovio Mobile. So it stands to reason that a world builder of sorts from them would also be a huge hit. Especially since it's the first game from them that is nothing like any of the other games they make. The Croods is based off the Dreamworks  Pictures box office movie. Spend some time with the world's first modern family and trap crazy creatures, or create some zany inventions with Grug. Create your prehistoric world from the ground up. On a side note, has anyone seen the movie yet? If you're feeling a tad bit prehistoric, and just a little on the wild side, pick up The Croods. It's free to boot. Not to mention way cooler than the Flintstones.


5. Into The Dead

No one has had enough of the Zombie Apocalypse. It's in our minds. Video games, books, movies... even outdoor camping websites are using gimmicks like "Zombie Survival gear". There's no better way to equip yourself with knowledge and hone your skills like playing a FPS zombie shooter. Into the dead is here to fulfill your needs and prepare for the end of days. Move fast, stay alive, and shoot as many zombies as you can. Into the Dead has support for tablets and phones, so there's plenty of zombie killing fun for everyone. Work your way through the missions and if you're a 100%'er you can do the mini goals as well. Challenge your friends high scores. If it feels over quickly, and I'm not talking about the sweet embrace of death, I'm talking about the gameplay, ongoing updates should provide some new modes, missions and other types of fun. Lock N' Load ladies and gentleman.


4. AVP: Evolution

Alien or Predator? The age old question. In AVP: Evolution you'll get to choose, and then act out the story with your chosen character. The good news here is that you'll still get to do some gameplay with whatever side you didn't pick. The old school jungle predators are being hunted down by a race of super predators, and they're enslaving the aliens to assist them. Either fight for survival with the predators or fight for freedom as the alien. Either way, it's going to be a blood bath. You can upgrade your special skills and abilities for new and more exciting finishing kills. Equip new armor and weapons to look even more bad ass. Show those nasty super predators whose boss.



Cover shooters usually don't catch my attention, but I couldn't resist with this one. Humans are no more. Robots are all that's left and they're stuck in a constant battle for survival. Cover and shoot to obliterate your enemies with an arsenal of weapons you can upgrade too. Shoot rockets, toss grenades, equip Gatling guns and plasma rifles to waste anything in your path, or take enemies with damage over time weapons. Epoch has a great campaign mode and an arena mode for the achievement junkies. Eye candy for days and its fully utilized if you're playing EPOCH on something like the Nexus 7. Have at it!


2. Ravensword: Shadowlands

Fully 3D immersive RPG's are hard to come by on Android. Good ones anyway. Luckily Crescent Moon Games has answered the call once again with their newest title Ravensword: Shadowlands. Dive into the 3D world of beautiful graphics and a rich storyline that'll be hard to pull away from. All the things you could want in an RPG are here. Action and Adventure, tons of weapons and skills, and hundreds of items to collect. Ragdoll physics in Ravensword will blow your mind. Ride flying mounts, Pick pocket unsuspecting individuals and switch between first and third person views at your leisure. This very well could be the pique of perfection for an Android 3D RPG. Check your couches for $7 bucks in change and cash it in.


1.Chaos Rings 2

Quite possibly one of the best turn based RPG's out right now for mobile is Chaos Rings 2. The story line on the previous two in the series were amazing enough, but a whole new story line ups the ante, and sweetens the deal with even better graphics and hours of gameplay. Say what you want about Square Enix, but their games are AMAZING and with Chaos Rings 2 it's easy to see why. A true turn based RPG. There's a new battle system in place to shake things up, and there's hidden bosses and endings. Say no more about the replay value because this game has it. You'll play through the original story and want more. So set aside some dough and a hefty amount of Gee Bees and you'll be on your way.

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