Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – April 2013

April 23, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


Here at Android Headlines we know that apps are important in the everyday life of an Android user. That’s why we like to take the time to bring together the Best 10 Apps from the last month or so together in one place for you to peruse over. We know that there are a lot of apps out there and we don’t always get it right or, you might have an awesome app to suggest, that we might have missed. We encourage healthy discussion in the comments below, let’s try and keep it clean though! These are our Top 10 apps but, we want to hear some of your favorites! Let’s get started with the Top 10 Apps for April!

10. Instructables



The Internet has helped people come together like nothing else before it and with it, the greatest sharing of knowledge the world has ever known. Whether it’s Wikipedia or Instructables, there’s a vast amount of info – put together by others – out there to tap into. Finally, there is an Android app for Instructables, you can now read up on those entertaining and useful hacks and how-tos that are so brilliant you wish you had thought of them yourself. The app is well built and easy to use, helping you follow the instructions to recreate these excellent tips and tricks.


09. Tiny Apps



Ever since the Galaxy S III and it’s “pop-up play” feature launched, these brilliant utilities that hover on top of Android have been very popular, indeed. Tiny Apps aims to bring all of these together and presents you with a selection of floating apps that can help you throughout the day, like a calculator, memo pad and more. All those little things that seem so trivial but also help you get through the day that little bit quicker. There are two versions of the app, a free version and a paid version to support the developer. Definitely worth taking a look at, and they’re Holo-styled!


08. System Monitor



Isn’t it boring, having to keep an eye on your smartphone or tablet? Watch it’s every move and make sure that all of your apps are behaving? Well, yes it is but, depending on what sore of user you are, it’s always nice to keep an eye on things, especially if you install a lot of apps and games quite often. With System Monitor you can take a look at everything including your Network, there’s even a nice notification item to go along with it all, as well. If you’re the type of person that like figures and stats, or you feel like you have to spy on your device, you may as well do it in style.


07. Valet – Car Locator



For those of you that like to drive everywhere, and then end up parking in short-time areas or you easily lose your car, this is the best app out there for you. It’s a sad state of affairs but if there’s somebody watching that meter like a hawk, then you need to be prepared! Valet can prepare you in style, it’s a great-looking app and it’ll let you know when your time is up and help you find your car when you’re on your way back to it. It’s a great little utility that will really come in handy!


06. Twilight



Let’s be honest here, how many of you reading this say you’re going to bed, only to stare at your smartphone or tablet for an hour or more? Yeah, you caught me. I’m extremely bad at “going to sleep”, I say I will and I spend an hour or more on my tablet, with that bright screen keeping me wide awake. Twilight is an app that helps to limit the amount of blue light you expose your eyes to. It’s this blue light that prevents you from going to sleep properly and can knock your sleep patterns out of rhythm. There are many features to the app that will help reduce the blue tint and make sure you fall asleep properly. It’s definitely an app worth trying out, I’ve been using it on my Nexus 7 for the last few days and while I don’t get as much reading done, I also fall asleep better.


05. Facebook Home


Regardless of what you think about Facebook Home, you have to hand it the folks over at the social network, they’ve put together a decent launcher for those really invested in their platform. Of course, from there the problems start, if you don’t use Facebook a lot then Home could be obtrusive, obnoxious and downright annoying. Not only that but there are only a handful of smartphones that are even able to install the app – despite it working on a great number of unsupported handsets. Overall, for Facebook users it’s a decent alternative but, Facebook Home should be able to run on pretty much every Android phone released in the last 12 – 18 months, the fact that it doesn’t is a little strange.


04. Knock2+


Strange naming aside, Knock is an interesting app that helps to make notifications on Android a little more interesting to look at, and more informative. A lot of us – myself, included – will prefer a blinking LED over something like Knock but, being able to glance at your smartphone to see if the SMS you just received is urgent or not is pretty neat and we’re sure that it’ll be a real boon for some of you. Being able to tweak and customize your notifications is always nice and Knock offers that as well and it supports a number of apps including Google+, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.


03. AntTek Quick Settings



For those of you not lucky enough to be running Android 4.2 (read: anyone without a Nexus) then you might be missing out on those cool quick settings that were introduced alongside the Nexus 4. If that’s the case then AntTek Quick Settings is an app that’s definitely worth looking into, sure it’s yet another app that brings you toggles to your notification drawer and it won’t be the last. AntTek is a little different though as there are a lot of different themes and you can achieve that 4.2 look if you want. This is a great app for those that can’t run CyanogenMod or another custom ROM and are stuck on Android 4.1 indefinitely.


02. Everything.me



Hey look! Another launcher app for Android, zzzz…. But wait! Everything.me is perhaps one of the few launchers that actually offers a different way to get around your Android smartphone – and no, you don’t need to log into Facebook – in that it brings you the apps you need based on what’s on your mind. It’s sort of like Google Instant meets your app drawer, and it’s great. It’s certainly not for everyone, wallpaper junkies and those that customize their smartphones square by square won’t like this but, if you want to get to the right apps on your phone, right away, then this is the launcher for you. It’s fast, well-polished and one of the most unique launchers out there.


01. Google Keep



For a long time, Evernote has been the best note-taking app for most Android users…and then Google turned up. Of course, Keep might not have all the features in there but right now, it’s a great alternative and those that are looking for a proper Android experience seem to really love the app. There’s been a lot of love for the app on Google+ and some of you have adapted to the new app quickly and easily. It’s well-designed and of course, syncs across all your devices. Are you keeping, Google Keep?