Sponsored Game Review: Zombie Blood


It's no secret, Zombie games are everywhere right now, they've become more popular than any of us would have thought and yet, there seems no slowing them down. More and more Zombie games keep on coming out and yet the quality is not slipping, either. Of course, some Zombie games are more entertaining than others but, it's safe to say that if you like Zombie games, then now is a good time to start looking for new games. Zombie Blood is yet another Zombie game but, there's something a little different to Zombie Blood, read on to see what.

Description: As it goes, Zombie games need to come with a certain element of violence to make sure that they're entertaining and Zombie Blood does not disappoint. What's nice about Zombie Blood's controls however, is that they expect very little of the player. What's the main interaction method with smartphones and tablets? The touchscreen. So why not rely on taps to play a game? That's just how you shoot and destroy Zombies in Zombie Blood, it sounds easy but, it isn't. Take a look at the trailer below for a closer look:


How it Works: To start shooting the hell out of Zombies, you've got to have the game installed, so head on over to the Play Store to get that sorted, after that just hit play:

2013-04-21 12.37.00

For first-time players, the game makes it very clear how to start playing, which is pretty great:


2013-04-21 12.37.38

When you start playing, you'll see crows and zombies walk across your screen:

2013-04-21 12.39.40


When you shoot a zombie, you'll see their health above them. Whenever you finish a level, you'll be shown your progress:

2013-04-21 12.40.54

Of course, you get to collect and use better weapons in-game than the handgun, like the shotgun:


2013-04-21 12.42.23

You only get a certain amount of shells for the shotgun so, shoot wisely. There are also explosive, which the game will explain to you how to use:

2013-04-21 12.47.04


Shotguns, coins and explosives all come in wooden crates that you must shoot in order to collect them, so keep an eye out for them. Gaining coins will allow to upgrade your weapons in the store:

2013-04-21 12.43.43

There are also Zombie bosses that you will have defeat as well. The game does start off a little slowly but, in the latter stages, things can get really quite hectic:


2013-04-21 12.52.53

You'll notice that there's an innocent girl at the side of the screen. She comes into the game during the later stages and you mustn't accidentally shoot her:

2013-04-21 12.43.55


The girl helps to add an extra layer of difficulty and make sure that you don't just tap around the display randomly as you play.

Opinion: There's really only way to describe Zombie Blood, and it's fun, a lot of fun. Thanks to the brilliant game mechanic of just tapping zombies to shoot them, things can get pretty frantic and you can enjoy the entirety of that big-screen phone or tablet. The soundtrack and sound effects help to make the game stand out a little more. For me, this is what mobile games are all about, asking little of the user but, giving a lot back.


  • Speed (4/5) – Pacing in Zombie Blood is great, things start off easy and quickly get a lot harder and far more interesting. You won't be waiting around for the action to start.
  • Features (4/5) – At first you start off with just a handgun but, you get more weapons in-game and the ability to upgrade them to do more damage in less shots. Being able to shoot a Zombie to pieces is gruesome, and down right cool.
  • Theme (4/5) – Thanks to some eerie sounds and spooky sound effects combined with good-looking graphics, Zombie Blood looks and sounds good. 
  • Overall (4/5) – Zombie Blood is a solid Zombie game all round and the brilliantly easy control system makes it hard to resist playing for hours and hours.


  • Easy controls make it a lot of fun to carry on playing for long periods.
  • The more time you spend with the game, the better it gets. 
  • Upgrading weapons is easy and will make those coin boxes more and more necessary to collect. 
  • Tapping mechanic takes advantage of those big smartphone and tablet displays, making Zombie hunting easier and more satisfying than it ever has been.


  • A little variation in the zombies and the crows would add something a little extra to the game.
  • You don't get to keep weapons you collect in-game.

Conclusion: All-in-all, Zombie Blood is a whole lot of fun and honestly one of the better Zombie games I have played on Android. Sure, Dead Trigger is great but, onscreen controls? Please. Being able to take advantage in a frantic and visceral method like Zombie Blood offers is both refreshing and unique. Sometimes the most simple game mechanics are the most satisfying and that seems to be the case with Zombie Blood, tapping a Zombie repeatedly to blow its brains out? Awesome.