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When we think of high-octane action games, we don't necessarily think of a game like Wordistic. A game that presents us with the task of having to use our gray matter to have fun and even learn something new as we play. Wordistic is a unique game in that it presents a game based around word play that is both educational, fun and action-packed. Read on to find out why and how.

Description: Wordistic is a word game that hopes to make you think and excite you at the same time. Through the use of a brilliant soundtrack from ATLAS, some psychedelic graphics and difficult gameplay, even the most talented wordsmiths would struggle trying to beat Wordistic. Each level is more difficult than the next and you have to make sure to be on the look out for every power-up and consonant you can find.


How it Works: There are two versions of Wordistic in the Play Store, a free version and a paid version. Once you have a copy of the game installed, you're ready to play.

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To start playing, touch the hand in the bottom-right corner. When you start playing, you'll see a mass of letters floating down the display:


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To progress, and amass points, you have to match letters together to form words. You need to form words that are in the English dictionary, and Wordistic features powerful word prediction that will provide hints on how to further your word score. When you have matched a word, an animation will come up on the screen:

2013-04-20 17.42.13


As time goes on, you'll have to keep scoring words to last the length of the level, and to move on to the next level. There are a number of power-ups that can help you throughout the game though. The clock, for instance, will give you an added five seconds of game time:


If you hit the spiral icon, all letters will be trapped at the bottom of the screen. Giving you seven seconds to cherry pick the letters that you want in your next word. Beware the bomb though! Hitting the bomb will add five seconds to the length of the level, and destroy your current word in the making. When you reach the end of a level, you'll be given a report on how well you've done:


2013-04-20 17.46.47

When playing Wordistic, you need to keep on your toes and make sure you've got a sharp mind, otherwise you'll be seeing a lot more of this screen:

2013-04-20 17.48.24


Opinion: As somebody who studied English for a long time, it's nice to play games that hinge on your mastery of the English Language. What's really great about Wordistic is that it's a game that doesn't follow the same recipe of a word game means a slow game. Wordistic is a fast-paced game that will really keep you on your toes, and it's certainly a challenge right from the start. Thanks to the cool graphics and the great soundtrack by ATLAS, the game is a joy to play, regardless of how good your English skills are.


  • Speed (5/5) – When it comes to word games, there's nothing as high-octane as Wordistic out there right now. 
  • Features (4/5) – While the soundtrack and graphics are great, it's the gameplay that really makes Wordistic a great game, it might be a little difficult for some people but, it's a very satisfying game.
  • Theme (5/5) – The funky graphics and brilliant soundtrack make Wordistic one of the most unique-looking games out there.
  • Overall (4/5) – Wordistic is a game that wordsmiths and puzzle lovers alike should try out and love. There's a lot on offer, from the challenging gameplay to the awesome soundtrack.


  • No word game looks as cool as Wordistic does.
  • If scrabble and words with friends have you snoring, Wordistic is a great alternative.
  • The soundtrack really gives the game some depth and it definitely doesn't feel like just another mobile game.
  • The addition of power-ups rounds out the game and makes the gaemplay feel solid and featureful.


  • The ratio of consonant:vowel seems a little off.
  • The difficulty might turn off some players.

Conclusion: Wordistic is one of the most original word games to hit the Play Store in a long time. Sure, Words with Friends is a lot of fun, but it's a game we've all played before. To see how sharp your mind really is, Wordistic will push your word talents and make sure your brain gets a decent workout. Thanks to the word prediction built into the game, you can keep gong to get even more points and when the timer kicks in you'll have to think really quickly to stay in the game. The gameplay, graphics and soundtrack all add up to a brilliant game in Wordistic.


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