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Some of the golden games from the past are still alive today, such as the Mario and Sonic franchises but, the retro ages of gaming hold far more brilliant titles than those still going today. BoulderDash XL is a game for Android that brings a classic gem back from the dead with some added polish and improved graphics, perfect for those that missed it the first time around or for those that want to relive a little of their past. Read on to see if BoulderDash XL can settle your cravings for some retro gameplay fun on Android.

Description: You might remember BoulderDash from the '80s but, if you don't the game is essentially an action puzzle game that will put you in control of one of two robots. You have to collect all the gems as you can from level to level trying to avoid enemies, defeat them and reach the exit before the time runs out. You'll have to push, pull and use dynamite to get through all of the levels in time. BoulderDash XL offers the following and more:

  • Brilliant 3D Graphics
  • Puzzling Enemies
  • 100 caves to explore
  • 5 game modes, including a retro mode!
  • Left-handed users taken of with additional control scheme!
  • Highscore tables and achievements


How it Works: To embark on your retro adventure, you'll have to go and download the game from the Play Store, after that you'll have to give yourself a profile name:

2013-04-28 15.23.12


Once you've done that you can choose your game mode:

2013-04-28 15.23.37

In-game, you'll have to work your way round the levels, collecting all of the gems:


2013-04-28 16.31.33

You have to be careful to avoid enemies, and be sure to not get flattened by the boulders as you work your way through the level! For left-handed players, you can switch the joystick in the settings:

2013-04-28 15.23.28


Of course, no retro classic would be complete without its retro incarnation, and in BoulderDash XL you can play the game as it was originally intended to be:

2013-04-28 16.33.30

My oh my, how the graphics have changed over the years!!! This mode is great for older players, or those that simply enjoy cool pixelated graphics!


Opinion: Even when I was a kid I had an affinity for older games that we now call "retro", taking a look at how we used to play games years ago is pretty inspiring for me. BoulderDash XL is a great re-imaging of a real classic and if you're never played the game before, it's different from most games on the Play Store. If you have played the game before well, you're in for a real treat with the included retro mode and the added polish that's been applied to the Android version.


  • Speed (4/5) – BoulderDash XL might start off a little slowly but, you'll soon find yourself making hasty decision as you race against the clock. 
  • Features (4/5) – It's easy to re-distribute a classic game on Android but, here there is a whole new graphical theme and much better controls. 
  • Theme (4/5) – The game looks good, the 3D graphics and retro gameplay work well to create a unique look and feel.
  • Overall (4/5) – BoulderDash XL is an easily recommended title to both new players and to those that remember playing it back in the day.


  • Faithful recreation of the original game mechanic.
  • Graphics really help the game stand out amongst all other titles. 
  • Gameplay is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. 
  • Retro mode will be a welcome addition to older players.


  • Takes some time to get used to how boulders act. 
  • Could start off too easy for some players.

Conclusion: BoulderDash XL is a great game for those that are looking for something new, something different. Retro lovers will be happy to see the game is faithfully recreated with up-to-date graphics, and that there is still the option to play a retro version. Nowadays, there are a whole bunch of games on the Play Store that are quite similar to each other but, BoulderDash XL brings something a little different to the table, while still delivering a quality product that both old and young alike will learn to love.


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