Sponsored App Review: Robird


It seems that with Twitter on Android, there is always another client right around the corner that promises to be the best thing ever. That's fun and all, in the past 6 – 8 months a slew of Twitter clients have surfaced in the Play Store but, sometimes we just want to get down to basics and use Twitter with as little hassle as possible. This is where Robird comes in, read on to see if the Holo-themed client will replace your client of choice.

Description: Robird is a new client that aims to give users a clean and efficient (read: crazy fast) way to interact with Twitter, without losing functionality. Everything you could want from a Twitter client is here, combined with a Holo theme that will suit any Nexus or modern handset. Twitter moves so quickly that we've come to expect the same from our Twitter clients, Robird is a fast-moving app that's constantly being improved upon. If you're looking for a basic, clean and speedy way to get into Twitter, then read on. There are some great additions to the client as well, users of TweetLonger will love to know that these are expanded in the Twitter feed automatically, multiple images are accessible in the feed and push notifications are fast and good-looking. Development of Robird is fast, and multiple-account support and Tablet Support is coming soon.


How it Works: If you've installed any other Twitter client, you'll know the drill here but, a good place to start is downloading the app from the Play Store, and then authorizing it with Twitter.

2013-04-05 18.38.48

Once the app goes through its setup, you'll be ready to go:


2013-04-05 18.40.24

You'll quickly be able to take a look at your feed:

2013-04-05 18.40.59


There are three main columns to Robird, the main feed – as you see above, your mentions:

2013-04-05 18.42.15

Slide to the right and you get your DMs, as for the main Twitter feed, there are some interesting tweaks here, for instance, a picture will pop up in the feed, breaking the monotony of all that text:


2013-04-05 18.41.11

When you tap on a tweet, it will focus on that tweet and present you with some controls along the bottom of the app. There are controls for reply, retweet etc:

2013-04-05 18.41.49


Something that is really quick – as is everything here – is the search. Let's take "HMV", the chain of stores that was saved in the UK, let's search for them:

2013-04-05 18.42.58

On one side you'll tweets and then on the other you'll see users:


2013-04-05 18.43.02

This part of the app is really great and if you're watching something on TV or at an event you can quickly find out what people are saying and who are the right people to talk to.  There are a number of settings you can tweak as well, such as just what the push notifications will alert you to, there are two themes to the app as well:

2013-04-06 19.06.20


You can adjust what notifications you get, which is a nice touch, depending on how active you are:

2013-04-06 19.06.42

When you get a push notification, it's clean and will blend in with Google+, and others. The profile image is included as well and it looks really minimal and works well:

2013-04-06 19.28.58

Opinion: I struggle with Twitter from time-to-time, I love the idea of it but, I have hardly any followers and it's this that turns me off from using it. But, with an app like Robird, which performs absolutely brilliantly and is faster than most apps, I can see myself using Twitter far more often. I introduced this to a couple of friends that were big "tweeters" and while it a little getting used to, they were blown away by the speed. If you struggle to keep up with your Twitter feed at times, Robird is a must.


  • Speed (5/5) – Robird is insanely fast, period.
  • Features (4/5) – While another column for favorites or some customization would be nice, there's nothing lacking here, and it's always updated to boot.
  • Theme (5/5) – It's Holo, so fans of stock Android, custom ROMs or Nexus users are going to love it. It blends in well and the way pictures are shown off in-feed is great.
  • Overall (5/5) – There are a lot of Twitter clients out there, but none of them encourage you to get involved like Robird does, it's back to basics at a breakneck speed with Robird.


  • Brilliant Holo design works well with all modern handsets, but especially those running stock Android.
  • The speed of Robird is unbelievably quick, obsessive users will find themselves being able to keep on top of things more often and those looking to do more on Twitter will be able to at great speeds. 
  • Pictures are presented in-feed to use more of your device's screen space, which shows off a nice thumbnail.
  • There's a dashclock extension.


  • Some customization would be welcome.
  • Doesn't look so good on the Nexus 7 right now.

Conclusion: As Twitter clients go, Robird is one of the better offerings in the Play Store right now. Sure, it might not be as flashy as the others but, it does make Twitter easier to control, mostly because it's a hell of a lot faster than other clients. Speed might not be everything but, if you're looking to get in and out as quickly as possible, it can make a difference and for those that find it difficult to stay away from Twitter, the speed here will be a godsend. So, go ahead and try out the app, if you're a big Twitter user, you need to try this out.