Sponsored App Review: Fotor – Photo Effect Studio


Photography has changed dramatically in recent years, no longer do we have to bring our cameras with us everywhere as our smartphones will take care of most photo situations for us. Of course, smartphone cameras aren't all that great and they can often leave something to be desired when it comes to quality. Thanks to powerful processors and photo-editing apps we can turn a quick snap into something more. Read on to see if Fotor – Photo Effect Studio can help us do just that.

Description: Fotor – Photo Effect Studio is yet another photo editing app for Android but, it aims to bring together all of the features you need in such an app together. Fotor – Photo Effect Studio features Basic Editing Tools, Brilliant Visual Effects, Frames, Tilt Shift, 1-Tap Enhance, Text, Enhanced Camera, and In-App Album Management all in one app. From shooting to editing, Fotor aims to be your one-stop shop for photo-editing on your smartphone.


How it Works: To get started with Fotor – Photo Effect Studio, you'll have to head over to the Play Store and download the app. once you've done that, you can go ahead and launch the app.

2013-04-24 18.58.29

Let's go ahead and start shooting a new picture. Of course, you can shoot anything you like but, if you were a big fan of BioShock: Infinite you might like a picture of this:


2013-04-24 18.55.00

There are a lot of options you can use while taking an image, like touch-to-focus and more. You can take a look at the finished product:

2013-04-24 18.55.14


From there you can edit or share the photo. Let's say you have a photo in mind you want to edit, like a cute photo of your cat:

2013-04-24 18.38.26

A lot of people are going to want to use the filters, and you'll be pleased to know that there are a lot of them on offer:


2013-04-24 18.38.45

There are also a decent amount of borders you can apply to your photo as well:

2013-04-24 18.38.55


You can crop your photo as well:

2013-04-24 18.39.04

It's pretty difficult to describe all of the features that Fotor's Photo Effect Studio has in it through some screenshots. If you want to edit your photos to make them look better or give them a stylistic twist, this is a great app to do it with. There's a lot on offer here and the UI works out pretty well.


Opinion: There are so many of these sort of apps out there now that it's hard to see how one more is going to make a difference. Having said that, everyone is different and having such a wide-choice of photo apps is really great and Fotor – Photo Effect Studio does more than enough to make sure it stands out in the crowd. Fotor will help you take better photos and then edit them just how you like to.


  • Speed (4/5) – The Effect Studio ran quite well on the devices I tested it on and it ran without issues.
  • Features (4/5) – For a photo-editing app, Fotor – Photo Effect Studio comes with all of the features you'd expect, along with some extras. 
  • Theme (3/5) – Everything about Fotor – Photo Effect Studio makes you want to create better images. 
  • Overall (4/5) – Fotor – Photo Effect Studio offers more than enough for those looking to get a little more control over their photos, there are a few niggles here and there but, it's a solid app all round.


  • Grid while taking photos makes framing a lot easier.
  • Lots of options to take better photos, and turn snaps into something to show off.
  • Easy to use UI makes Fotor – Photo Effect Studio a joy to use.
  • Lots of filters and effects to choose from.


  • Theme doesn't seem part of Android but, it does stand out.
  • Can be a little slow at times.

Conclusion: While Fotor – Photo Effect Studio has some rough edges that need to be worked out, there's not too much to find fault with and the app is a good all-rounder. Those that are looking for one app to give better control while taking a shot and after the fact will enjoy Fotor – Photo Effect Studio. The UI, while not exactly common on Android, is easy to use and shouldn't be confusing for those new to editing apps. There are a lot of filters and a good implementation of HDR to keep your imagination alive as you take more and more photos.