Eric Schmidt Believes That Samsung Has Helped "Define Android"


During the Dive Into Mobile 2013 event Google's Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt talked quite a bit about his own book, and about the future of Google. Oddly enough, Schmidt doesn't seem to mind the idea of forked Android versions floating around. When prodded on the subject of things like Facebook Home and Amazon's KindleOS, Schmidt responded with "I think it's fantastic."

"This is what open source is all about, and I suspect it's one of the few reasons Android is the number one solution right now."


Even more alarming is Schmidt's response when he was asked about the relationship between Google and Samsung. When someone asked if the relationship between the two companies is well, Schmidt said it is "very healthy."

We've certainly seen a plethora of reports from the Android world concerning Samsung's domination of the Android market. Some believe that Google is not fond of Samsung's foothold in the mobile industry, but if Schmidt's comments are anything to go by that's hardly the truth. It would seem that Google is perfectly fine with how Samsung is conducting business.

Schmidt even went on to support Samsung and his comments reveal as much. For example, he said that he will "always appreciate their decision to go Android early on." He also believes that Samsung has "helped to define Android."


While I will agree wholeheartedly with that statement, I also think that every Android manufacturer has helped define the platform in a small way. Just because, Samsung is more profitable, it's not realistic to characterize them as one of the only "defining" factor in the equation. Then again, that's hardly what Schmidt was saying, but I do believe that some Samsung fanboys out there will take this to heart.

Clearly, Samsung has done a lot for the platform, and the company is not going anywhere. That doesn't mean they are the only Android vendor, let's not forget there are others out there- each with their own redeeming qualities.

The real question now is, how do you feel about this news? Do you think Schmidt was spot on, or do you think Samsung actually harms the Android ecosystem in some way?

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