Droid Weekly 4/7/13: Android Laptops, HTC One, Galaxy S4, and More


This week we saw Facebook spoon instead of fork Android, the HTC One started it's tour around the US and went up for pre-orders at Sprint and AT&T and Google acquired a new employee for their design team. Let's catch up on all the top Android stories from the past week with Droid Weekly.

Android Powered Notebook Coming Late 2013? Digitimes Says Yes



A report from Digitimes this week stated that we might be seeing an Android-powered notebook coming soon. They say it'll be available late Q3 or early Q4 so we should see it at Google I/O in May. Read More

Report: AT&T and Verizon Partnering Up to Buy Vodafone


Some big news coming from our greedy carriers this week. It looks like Verizon and AT&T are thinking about partnering up to purchase Vodafone who is the second largest worldwide carrier. Verizon would be purchasing the stake that Vodafone has in Verizon back while AT&T takes over. Read More


Next-Gen Nexus 7 To Go On Sale From Thus July; Dropping the Tegra for a Snapdragon


Might we see a Snapdragon 800 powered Nexus 7 when it launches this July? That's quite possible according to this report that came out on Wednesday. We'll find out for sure at Google I/O next month. Read More

AT&T Confirms Galaxy S4 16GB Model for $200 on Contract

samsung Galaxy s4 siv


So it's official, AT&T will be offering the Galaxy S4 16GB variant for $200 with a new contract. Which is about what we expected. We'll probably see the 64GB go for either $249 or $299 on a new contract. Read More

Google Hires Patrick Collister for Head of Design; Replacing Irene Au Nearly a Year After Resignation


This week Google landed Patrick Collister as the head of Design for the search giant. The former head of Design, Irene Au had resigned nearly a year earlier. Guess it took them a while to find the right man for the job? Read More


Facebook Announces "Facebook Home"; Turns Android into Facebook's Holiday Home


This week Facebook said "we're finally going to talk about that Facebook phone" well sorta. They announced their new launcher. Which is Facebook Home. Which means anyone can turn their phone into a Facebook phone. Read more

HTC First is the Facebook Phone; Available April 12th Exclusively on AT&T for $99



Well Facebook decided to take another stab at their own phone. Here's the HTC First, not to be confused with the One. The HTC First runs stock Android underneath Facebook's launcher which can be disabled. Read more

Other Stories Making headlines this week: