Droid Weekly 4/21/13: Nexus 4, Verizon, CTIA, Xperia Z, Motorola, and Much More


Analysts Estimate Sony Sold 4.6 Million Xperia Z Units in Just 40 Days Time


If these estimates are right, looks like good times for Sony and their latest flagship the Xperia Z. They could have sold even more if they brought the Xperia Z to the US on different carriers. Read More


Motorola's New Line Up of Devices Said to Be Phenomenal


Eric Schmidt was at AllThingsD's yearly conference called Dive into Mobile this week. He was asked about Motorola's upcoming devices, and he basically said they are "phenomenal" and that consumers should wait before purchasing their next phone. Read More

Google Glass Explorer Edition Gets Unboxing and First Video Taken by a Consumer



This week Google Glass started making its way to those that pre-ordered it at Google I/O last year. One of the lucky consumers got theirs this week and have done an unboxing video. Read More

Change.org Petition That Asks Verizon to eliminate Contracts is Gaining Momentum


There is a petition going on over at Change.org that is asking Verizon to eliminate contracts, similar to how T-Mobile has done. We don't know if this will work, but it's worth a try right? Read More


Verizon Sends out 'Save the Date' Invites for May 22nd; What Will Big Red Reveal?


This week, Verizon sent out invites to an event on May 22nd, which is during CTIA next month in Las Vegas. Which should be a pretty quiet event. So what does big red have to reveal at this event? Read More

Larry Page on Motorola's Upcoming devices "Battery Life and Durability are Key Areas for Innovation"

Product specialists display new Motorola droid phones Droid Razor M, Droid Razor HD and the Droid Razor Maxx HD during a launch event in New York


This week during Google/Motorola's Q1 earnings conference call, CEO of Google, Larry Page commented on Motorola's devices. Basically saying that Battery life and durability are key areas of innovation for them. Read More

Rumor: LG Nexus 4 with 32GB of Storage, LTE and Key Lime Pie Launching at Google I/O

Google Nexus4
Google Nexus4

This is just a rumor, but it looks like Google is beefing up their Nexus 4 a bit for Google I/O this year. The rumor is that we'll see a 32GB version and it'll have LTE officially. We'll see at Google I/O next month. Read More