Droid Weekly 4/14/13: Samsung, Facebook Home, Galaxy Note 8.0, Google Glass and More

Bootloader Unlock Method Revealed for Droid Razr HD, Razr Maxx, Atrix HD and More

Motorola devices are some of the hardest to crack, but that's partially because they are all on Verizon. And Verizon hates to have their bootloaders unlocked. This week a new unlock method was found for a bunch if 2012 Motorola devices. Read more

Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 Getting Samsung Orb Camera a.k.a. Photosphere

Rumors came out this week that the Galaxy Note 3, that'll be released this fall, will be getting it's own Photosphere. It'll be called the Samsung Orb camera, kinda surprised they didn't go with S Sphere or something. Read More

Tumblr Gets Updated and Goes Holo; Along with Some Other Changes

This week, Tumblr also saw an update. It got a huge overall in it's interface and actually went Holo. This was about a week after Twitter had gone holo. After using the new version of Tumblr, it looks very nice. Read More

Google Play Store Gets Fresh New Look on Android

This week, the rumored and leaked Play Store 4.0 finally got released. It brings a lighter theme along with the cards front and center. It's a pretty nice look in my opinion, but many others say it looks like Apple's App Store. Read More

Babel to Feature Synced Notifications, A Desktop App and Google Voice Support Coming "Eventually"

This week, we saw even more rumors about Babel, Google's unified chat service. Including synced notifications, a desktop app and no Google Voice support at launch, but it will be integrated "eventually". Read more

Gmail Turns 9 Years Old; Google Creates Infographic to Celebrate

This month, Gmail turns 9 years old. It's hard to remember a time without Gmail, right? Well the Gmail team at Google created an infographic of the Evolution of Gmail. It's actually quite interesting. There are some milestones in there I didn't know about. Read more

Concept: Gmail 5 for Android - May We Say That This Looks Totally Awesome?

Paul Burke on Google+ this week spent some time in Photoshop and created a concept of what the next major version of Gmail should look like. And well, it looks amazing. You'll need to click the read more link to see all the images. Read more

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