Droid Game Hub 04/25/13: Eternal Kingdom, Tetris Blitz, War Thunder, Taint Wrangler, Dead On Arrival 2


Gamevil Releases Eternal Kingdom To The Play Storeeternal-kingdom-android-game

MMO games seem to be a dime a dozen now. The fact is their very popular, so why shouldn't Gamevil break out of their normal routine and try their hand at the genre? Their newest game release titled Eternal Kingdom, is an MMO strategy game where you must build up your kingdom.eternal kingdom android game 2 You can choose between, elf, undead, or human, and must gather resources, train your armies, and build up your kingdom. Your end goal is to establish dominance. Leave no foe alive.eternal kingdom android game 1 The game is free inside the play store so if you like MMO and strategy and didn't know which to pick, now you can have both.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Tetris Blitz Hits Play Store For Certain Locationsunnamed

If you have played a video game… well ever, then chances are you have heard of or have played tetris. Tetris has been in our hearts for a couple decades, and over the years there have been many adaptations and variations of the game on many platforms.tetris-blitz-android-game live 2 EA recently released a new version of the game (cause why not?) called Tetris Blitz to the play store. Location specific only for now. Tetris Blitz allows you the same great fun you're used to but with a few tweaks here and there.tetris-blitz-android-game live 1 Its actually just like regular tetris, but the power ups and boosts have been thrown into overdrive. You still place blocks and stack them in a methodical fashion, but now you can do it in hyperdrive. If you want a chance to test the game out before the full launch, hit up the links and give it a go.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Gaijins MMO War Thunder Will Blaze The Skies Of Android Soonwar-thunder-android-game


Similar to games like world of tanks for the PC, but with planes instead, War Thunder is an MMO based game that lets you fly warplanes. The game is currently in a beta test for the PC in the US but Gaijin Entertainment says they are working on a mobile version. There aren't many details out about the game, but we can assume it's going to have a team based PvP element to it. War Thunder is currently in early stages of development so don't expect to see this game any time soon, but when it does release you can bet your ass there will be some head on top gun style action.

Taint Wrangler Rustles Up A Few Playerstaint-wrangler-android-game

Hurry folks, run and grab…. your phones or tablets. Seriously though, just when I thought I had seen em all. Games I mean. Taint wrangler comes bouncing in with just a hair of dignity. The game may seem like raw, hard, action, but we'll never really know because it was pulled from the Play Store faster then you could shoot your guns off.taint-wrangler-android-game-1 Hey look at that, taint wrangler has a gun too. You think his is bigger then yours? Maybe you should ask him, come now don't be shy. I wonder what kinda rounds hes using. Anywho, Taint Wrangler and The Pyramid of Poon will more than likely forever be just a memory, seeing as how the link to download it is dead. There will be no penis powerups, and no mystical enemies to fight. Some of you may have been wondering why it got yanked down so quickly.taint-wrangler-android-game-2 I mean, have the guys at google gone soft? In all seriousness, I found the games existence to be rather hilarious but also understand why it was pulled. The play store is accessible to everybody. No matter how much fun taint wrangler might have been just for the hilarity factor alone, we can't have kids asking too many questions.


Dead On Arrival 2 Is On Its Way, Private Beta Registration Open Nownexusae0_image83

If you couldn't get enough action from the first Dead On Arrival, great news for you is that N3V games is set to release Dead on arrival 2 to Android soon. Before they can get to that though, they need our help. The private registration beta is up for sign ups now so we can an early in to all the carnage, and mayhem that Dead on Arrival 2 has to offer. More blood, more, guns and ammo and of course, more zombies. Think you can handle it? If so then head on over to the registration website and sign up for beta access. There are a few pre-requisites needed to play, android 3.0 or higher, (android 4.0 recommended) , and a tegra 2 chip or equivalent, (tegra 3 chip or equivalent is recommended to get the most out of the game). The last few things the folks at N3V want to leave you with are these words of wisdom on what else you may need.

"Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!


Aren't scared of the dark

Don't need aspirin for headaches

Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had to."


Seems like quite the undertaking. If you're gamer, hit the link and sign up.
Aren't scared of the dark.
Don't need aspirin for headaches.