Droid Game Hub 04/18/2012: Real Racing 3, Cut The Rope Time Travel, Heroes Of Order And Chaos, Hills Of Glory And More


Real Racing 3 Gets Major Updateunnamed (1)

Real Racing 3 has finally gotten its first major update, and along with the improvements to the game it brings Chevy vehicles, 100 new events and the most important of all, the Cloud Save ability.mzl.qeomiqzo.320x480-75 Cloud Save on games is all but the standard for today's mobile games although it should be more implemented to make it easier for gamers to save their game state and pick it up later on another device if they need to. Some of the new vehicles include the Chevy Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1. If you're a Real Racing 3 player, this might be just the update you were looking for.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Cut The Rope: Time Travel From Zeptolabs Now Availableunnamed

If you're fans of the Cut The Rope series of games from Zeptolabs, then you're day just got better. The third installment in the series (the First two being Cut The Rope and Cut The Rope: Expiraments) was just released onto the play store. Cut The Rope: Time Travel has been made available by its creators so we can have more of the same cute and cuddly Om nom and physics based puzzles to solve. Om nom has to travel back in time to feed his relatives with candy, and you have to help him get the job done. The game is all the same fun you're used to but with new puzzles and new levels. The game is free in the play store but also has an HD option for $0.99 if you don't want to deal with adds and want better graphics.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Heroes Of Order And Chaos Gets Update With New Hero Introducedheroes-of-order-and-chaos-android-game-live


Gamelofts popular mobile MOBA style game, Heroes Of Order And Chaos received a rather big update a couple of weeks ago. So if you haven't found yourself dominating in lane in a while, now might be the time to hop back in the game. The update brings a host of new features like better online stability, increased emblem rewards, and graphics quality settings.heroes of order and chaos android tablets You'll also find that it added a few new things to the game like the presence of tablets and inscriptions. Tablet will essentially give your player a stat boost to help you in game, but before you can apply those tablets you must first evolve the tablets with inscriptions.heroes of order and chaos android inscriptions Aside from the new stat boosters, a new character has been added to the Android version of the game "the savage princess Akatru". The video below will show how Akatru works, kinda like the Champion spotlight in League of Legends. If you are eager to get back in the game and lay waste, now's your chance.


Hills Of Glory 3D Charges Onto Androidunnamed (3)


Following the original Hills of Glory game from AMA LTD. Hills of Glory 3D is a wonderfully crafted WWII themed strategy/tower defense game that is sure to bring some enjoyment. The game looks great with the updated three dimensional graphics and wacky cartoon like gameplay, it'll be hard to put down.nexusae0_46 Your job of course is to bring down enemy invaders, like any good soldier. The only thing that stands between your enemy and conquering europe is you and your defenses. So make sure that you keep them at bay. The game is a free to play model so you can expect some IAP. Nothing new here. All in all though Hills of Glory 3D looks like a nice little addition to the tower defense genre.


Ubisoft Remaking Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame For MobilePrinceofPersia_TheShadowandtheFlameLogo (1)


Everyone should be familiar with Prince of Persia and the many, many games based on the series. The good news is that a remake of the 20 year old MS-DOS counterpart is being developed for our mobile enjoyment. Ubisoft has announced that The Prince of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame will be arriving on smartphones and tablets in the near future for some good old fashioned 2D platforming fun. Prince of Persia's creator, Jordan Mechner, has let everyone know that the game will feature updated graphics, sound and touch controls. You can get a sneak peak of the new game in the video below. Want a flashback to the 90's? Good. Cause that's exactly whats happening here. (I don't remember the 90's looking this good). No word on exactly when the game is being dropped, and technically the game hasn't been announced for Android specifically, but smartphones and tablets is a good bet we'll get some love.

GameLaunched Raises Crowdfunding Specifically For Video Gamesgamelaunched-crowdfunding-site


when It comes to crowdfunding, Kickstarter is the First website on anyone's mind, and rightfully so. A new website dedicated to funding upstarts specifically for video games called GameLaunched has shown up and they want to help you get your game off the ground. GameLaunched not only supports US residents, but also helps international developers raise money for their video game projects in an attempt to get them off the ground. GameLaunched also supports multiple platforms which we'll take as meaning OUYA, Android, iOS, PC, and Consoles. With all the funding dedicated to games, the site should be pretty popular with developers and hopefully help put some great games onto our devices.

Godsrule MMORTS Gets New Concept Artgodsrule-android-game

A new MMORTS called Godsrule was originally only going to be released for iOS, but at GDC, Sega announced that it would also be coming to android. Currently you can check the game out in the browser, while the mobile versions of the games are not too far off.godsrule-android-game-concept-art-1 (1) Godsrule will be apparently releasing first onto the ipad, while coming to android soon after. Some new concept art of the game has been released by Sega that makes the game look rather fun if you enjoy the RTS play style.godsrule-android-game-concept-art-2 There is no official date for the release but we will let you guys know as soon as more information comes up.


Iron Patriot Suit In Upcoming Iron Man 3 Game Revealediron-man-3-android-game-live

Gamelofts upcoming Iron Man 3 game has yet to release, but its already looking pretty cool. The continuous flyer and combat game will allow the player to be Iron man and take down foes. One of the cool features that came to the light about the game is the feature of multiple suits that players will have the option of picking up for use in the game.iron-man-3-android-game-iron-patriot-2 One such suit that will be made available to gamers is the Iron Patriot suit, which Gameloft has decided to reveal through some screenshots. The Iron patriot suit will have the same wepaonry as the War machine suit but with a patriotic them and style.iron-man-3-android-game-iron-patriot-1 Some in game boosters and other weaponry will be purchasable through in game currency, but if you're not the patient type you can pay for the upgrades immediately with IAP's. More suits will be available once the game releases, and it sounds like each suit will have its own weapons.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Rages Onto Play Store ShelvesDungeon-Hunter-4


Dungeon Hunter fans rejoice. Gameloft has finally launched the next game in the series onto the play store. Dungeon Hunter 4 was released onto iOS first with a promise of coming to Android soon. Soon came earlier this week, and thankfully the game is back to its original state. Fans of the earlier games will love that Dungeon Hunter 4 is back to the Action RPG dungeon Crawler style of the first two.Dungeon-Hunter-4-4 Those who loved the arena style play of the Dungeon Hunter 3 weren't forgotten though as Gameloft has added in some Arena areas within the game. You can expect all the hack and slash action you're used to from the older games, with gorgeous new graphics. Gameloft has been catching some heat over the way they went about IAP, but they are by no means mandatory. Dungeon-Hunter-4-2Potions are the example here as you start with three and can either choose to buy more with gems when you run out, or risk dying which will inevitably happen. This is definitely a little frustrating as potions don't drop from monsters or chests, but dungeon crawlers were meant to be all but easy. So just enjoy the hack and slash fun and the storyline that comes along with the best Dungeon Hunter yet.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

CSR Racing Out Now Worldwide For Androidcsr-racing-android-game

CSR Racing which was originally released as a location specific test run last week, is now available for all android gamers eager to get their hands on some realistic drag racing action. Natural Motion Games is the developer behind CSR Racing and also happens to be the developers behind games like the Back breaker football series. csr racing android game 2If you're looking for a boring drag racing game with no mods that keeps customization to a minimum, then you may want to stay away from CSR Racing. Loads of custom modifications on tons of cars like the Nissan GT-R, BMW M3, and Audi R8 are present and you can expect straight head to head drag here. csr racing android game 1That means shift at the right time and make sure not tap the Nos button until just the right moment. The game is up in the play store for free now, so if you love drag racing pick it up and fill your need.

Arcane Legends Gets Major Content Expansion UpdateArcane-Legends-Norder-Android-update

Those of you who are fans of Spacetime Studio's MMORPG Arcane Legends, will be happy to know that a new content expansion has been released, giving the game a nice refresher,Arcane-Legends-Norder-Android-update-1 full of a new winter themed area with new weapons, new enemies, and of course a raised level cap. Levels are now a max of 31, which is 5 up from the previous level cap of 26. The Battle of Nordr will also come with a new boos encounter and plenty of new adventure for you and your friends to play through. Arcane-Legends-Norder-Android-update-2If its been a while since you've logged in, an update to the game is in order.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

 Anthill Bugs The Hell Out Of Android, In A Good Wayunnamed (4)

A new game called Anthill crawls its way onto play store shelves that tasks you with the job of raising a colony of ant soldiers to take down the opposing colonies. You can upgrade the abilities of the various ants in an almost tower defense style but the game plays like an RTS as well.nexusae0_unnamed-410 The game is available in lite versions as well as paid. So if you want to try before you buy you can get your hands those little buggers and get them to do your bidding at no charge.


BoulderDash XL Arrive On Google Play For A Little Bit Of Diamond Mining Nostalgiaunnamed (5)

Itching to feed the need for retro? Fill that void with Boulderdash XL. Originally released onto the atari in 1984, this old school diamond mining hit has landed on android rounding out the games popularity with a dozen different platform ports. It just goes to show that people still love retro games,nexusae0_boulder3 and android is a great place for those old games to end up. Boulderdash XL has been updated with new graphics and touch screen controls of course. It boasts 100 levels to play through, and the goal is to get as many diamonds as you can while making your way through the mine without dying. The game will set you back a cool three bucks, if you so choose to take a trip back to the 80's.