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Sega Ups The Flight Sim Ante With After Burner Climax

Games like Sega's After Burner Climax may be somewhat of a thing of the past, but that didn't stop Sega from giving it a rebirth by releasing it onto Android. After Burner Climax was originally released in 2006, and is part of Sega's After Burner series of titles which was mainly on the Arcade. The game series has been around for ages with nothing new in a while, so it's no surprise Sega would bring this game to a flourishing platform.

The more casual flight sim will allow you to pilot some of the coolest jets from the US military forces like F14, F15, and F18, as well as others. There is 20 plus stages with leader boards and achievements. There is no multiplayer mode but you can still see how you stack up against everyone else who plays. The Game was released onto the play store for a mere $2.99 but it seems it has been removed as of now. As soon as it is back up we'll let you know.

Fast And The Furious 6 Gets An Official Trailer

Fast cars, slick paint jobs, the smell of nitrous... mmm. Wait what? OK no one should enjoy the smell of nitrous but you can enjoy the first official trailer of the new Fast And The Furious 6 game that's due for release soon. Kabam who is partnering with NBC Universal will be releasing the new game in May sometime, more than likely right around the time of the movie release for The Fast And The Furious 6 which is May 26. For the game to get its proper attention and amp up people to go see the movie it will probably be near a week before.

The game as you might have expected, will be about racing. You will have goals or "jobs" to accomplish which will let you move forward through the game and progress. The trailer certainly does the job at exciting the would be gamer. As of now not much is known about the game, but since Kabam is pretty well versed in MMO titles both on PC and a couple on Android, it stands to reason that there may be some sort of multiplayer laced in here. Time will tell, until then sit back and watch the trailer for some high octane action.

The Razer Edge Shipping To Those Who Placed Pre Orders

The Razer Edge is not your standard fare here at Android Headlines but we do love games, and this thing is looking like it will be a gaming power house. The Razer Edge tablet is windows 8 based tablet with optional gamepad accessory for those long sessions. It also sports an Nvidia GT640m LE GPU for all your gaming needs, an Intel i5 processor for the processing power of everything else, and USB 3.0 compatibility.

The Razer Edge was announced some time ago officially, but it wasn't until last month's round of pre orders that they started the process to begin shipping out to those who are waiting to get their hands on them. The details came from Razer's Official Facebook page, stating that the units would arrive soon for those who got their orders in during the March wave. It may not be Android powered, but it is sure a sexy gaming unit and I for one would like to have my hands on it. The Razer Edge sells for $999 and order can be placed at Razers website.

Rockpocalypse Arrives On Google Play

The Rockpocalypse is coming. Nay, it's already here. If you grew up during the early days of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's career you'd know how massively, insanely popular he was. Everyone was walking around asking people if they could smell it. Can you smell it? Can you smell what I'm cookin? Probably not cause I'm not cooking anything.  

I digress. The point is, The Rock needed a jump start and it seems he's got it. Multiple upcoming movies, and now a video game on the play store. Rocpocalypse is set inside a Hollywood movie lot, where all the people around are suddenly introduced to an unknown pathogen that turns them into raging unruly Steve Austin fans that hate The Rock. ( Kidding about the Steve Austin part.) The goal of the game is to direct The Rock through the lot to find the source of the pathogen. During the mission you'll encounter many people attempting to stand in your way and you'll have to punch, and slam through them to keep going. The game is free on the play store for anyone who is running an android 4.0 device or higher.

Facebook's Angry Birds Friends Coming To Android

You'd think that Angry Birds has lost its charm and appeal after all this time. If you thought that however you'd be completely wrong. Recently launched onto Facebook, Angry Birds Friends has made quite the splash and is rather just as popular as the original mobile titles. We can't live our whole lives on Facebook though, so you social fiends will be happy to know that the newly released Angry Birds Friends is coming to Android. Now we can sign off of Facebook and log into the game on our android devices. Finally...

With a current 600 million plus installs and 15 million monthly active players it's safe to say that Angry Birds Friends will be crazy popular on mobile as well. Angry Birds Friends  incorporates all your Facebook friends, so expect this to be a feature that makes its way to the mobile version. There should be all kinds of new elements in this version of the game, with of course some things like IAP for those who use them. Are you guys looking forward to another Angry Birds? Were all the existing ones not enough for you?

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