Droid Daily 4/9/13: Verizon, Galaxy S4, Imgur, Paper Toss, Google Play and More


Verizon's Galaxy S3 Dropped to $99

Today, Verizon dropped the price of  their Galaxy S3 variant to just $99 with a new contract. Usually that means that something new is coming, and we know that Verizon will be getting the Galaxy S4 soon. So perhaps Verizon is working to get rid of their Galaxy S3's and make room for their Galaxy S4?

LG Apparently Planning Retail Store Expansion



Well, it appears that LG is looking to expand their retail store in emerging markets, perhaps to capture more the those emerging markets? Probably because they are having such a hard time in major markets like the US due to Samsung.

Paper Toss 2.0 Lands in the Google Play Store


Today, the popular game Paper Toss got a much needed update and is now Paper Toss 2.0 and is available in the Play Store as we speak. You can hop on over to the Play Store now and grab that update.


Bitdefender Hits the Play Store As well

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Quite a bit of Play Store news today, Bitdefender also released a free antivirus app on the Play Store today. If you're one that uses antivirus software on your Android devices, you might want to check this one out.

Imgur Lands in the Play Store



The popular photo hosting app, Imgur has finally landed in the Play Store. This is an official app and not one of the third-party version. If you use Reddit a lot, you're probably aware of Imgur, but you can grab it on the Play Store now.

Twilight App helps protect your Healthy Sleep

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Do you get waken up by your phone during the night, from emails, tweets, and other notifications? Well Twilight is taking a new approach at solving that problem. Check it out on the Play Store.