Droid Daily 4/5/13: Firefox, Project Glass, T-Mobile and More


Firefox Beta Updated for Android

Today, Mozilla updated their beta apps for Android and desktop. It brought along some new features including a "do not track" option, some HTML5 compatibility tweaks and much more. You can download Firefox for Android here.

Project Glass and Mirror API Presentation from SXSW Now available for Viewing

Last month at SXSW (South by SouthWest) conference, Google showed off the mirror API for Project Glass. Well now that presentation is available for all of us to check out on YouTube. You can find the presentation above.


T-Mobile Creates New $15/month Data Plan


Today T-Mobile introduced a new $15/month data plan that you'll probably never use. It won't be compatible with your smartphone, tablet or hotspot. It's for your Audi. Who'd have thought that you could get your car running on the T-Mobile network?

US Cellular Trying out new "Try before you sign" program



Lately, US Cellular has been trying out a new program. This one will allow customers to try out the network before they sign their life away, I mean sign a new 2-year contract. It sounds pretty interesting, and something I hope does well and other carriers adopt. Or they could just do it T-Mobile's way and get rid of contracts altogether.

Knock²+ Is a new app Looking to replace LED Notifications


Here's a new app that's rather interesting. Knock²+ is an app that will replace your LED notificatiosn with a minimal clean lockscreen popup. It's actually pretty interesting, but at this point it doesn't seem to work on the Nexus 7. Hopefully that will be updated soon. You can grab it on the Play Store now