Droid Daily 4/26/13: Galaxy S4, AT&T Digital Life, HTC One, and More


Galaxy S4 passes another Scratch test

Brando gets out the drill and takes it to the Galaxy S4, don't cry, the Galaxy S4 survived. Man this thing is like a tank, but it's still plastic. I'd like to see this happen to a HTC One.

Black HTC One Shows up at Sprint



Finally we see the black HTC One, and it's on Sprint's website. It appears that the black version of the HTC One is at least ready to go up for sale on Sprint. Hopefully we'll see it selling soon.

SoftkeyZ Let's you change your softkeys

Using SoftkeyZ, rooted users can easily change their softkeys. It definitely looks like a cool app and one I'll be trying out soon on my Nexus 4. It's in the Play Store for $1.99.

AT&T Launches Digital Life



Digital Life is a security and Home automation service from AT&T. It's launching in a few markets now. You can check out AT&T's site for more information on it.