Droid Daily 4/22/13: HTC One, T-Mobile, Radioshack, Facebook Home and More


T-Mobile Bundling Tethering with Unlimited Data

Starting Wednesday, the UNcarrier – T-Mobile – will be bundling Tethering or Mobile Hotspot with Unlimited data plans. But your tethering won't be unlimited unfortunately.

Enable Stickers on Facebook Messenger



Today, Android Police found out that you can enable stickers on Facebook Messenger.

Here's how to find 'em:

  1. Enable Chat Heads. (This only works in a popped out Chat Head, it doesn't work in the regular Facebook chat.)

  2. Press the tiny invisible area to the left of the "+" button on the bottom left.

  3. Bam – stickers.

Cricket Details Unlimited Family Plan



Cricket today detailed their new unlimited family plan for their smartphone users. If you're interested in this new plan you'll need to be enrolled in Cricket's automatic bill pay feature.

Sony Offers 10% discount for European Customers


Sony is offering a 10% discount for customers in Europe from now until April 23rd. Which is tomorrow. So you can grab a nice 10% discount on the Xperia Z or Xperia Tablet Z. Nice offer if you ask me.


All-in-one toolkit for the HTC One


The HTC One appears to be pretty developer friendly so far. Now there's an All in One toolkit available that allows you to unlock and root your HTC One in just a few clicks. You basically just need to follow the on-screen instructions and you're all set.

Radioshack offers Google Play Gift Card with HTC One

HTC one red black and white


Radioshack is giving a $50 Play Store Credit when you purchase an HTC One from the store. This is for both AT&T and Sprint. It doesn't look like Radioshack is launching the T-Mobile HTC One at this time.

Facebook Home Hits 500,000 Installs


Shortly after Facebook Home hitting Android in the Play Store, it has now hit 500,000 installs. Considering it's only officially available on 5 different devices, that's still a good number for Facebook. Their average review is 2.2 stars in the Play Store though. So plenty of room for improvement for Facebook.